Subaru R-134A

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To disconnect the gauge set from service valves: E Quickly disconnect the charging hoses from the service valves. E Always disconnect the low side while the engine is running. I Disconnect the high side with the engine OFF and after the pressure has stabilized. Manifold gauge interpretation takes some practice and must be completed with consideration of the other symptoms and potential problems that have been identified in the system. Precautions E Wear protective clothing and eyewear, do not al

Subaru R-12

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What we will do instead is to give you a cross-section summary of recent Subaru air conditioning systems. We’ll show you what’s unique and different about each system, and describe the best troubleshooting and repair strategies for these systems. In compliance with government requirements, all Subaru vehicles manufactured within the past few years are equipped with R-134a air conditioning systems. But there are still a large percentage of Subaru vehicles on the road with R-12 refrigerant in thei