SPX Cooling Technologies SD25

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and Canada: 1-877-224-7377 All other countries: (001) 248-596-0600 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) NOTE: The part number for the Visual Supervisor (VS) software program is 464000-03300. NOTE: A variety of related technical manuals in .pdf format may be downloaded from Click on the Technical Info button in the red, left-hand frame. Select Technical Documentation. Scroll through the list to find the title of the product you require, and click! NOTE: View our latest product li

SPX Cooling Technologies ROBINAIR 34700-2K

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1. Connect the power cord to the back of the unit, and plug it into the correct voltage outlet. 2. Turn on the MAIN POWER and, if necessary, empty the oil drain bottle located on the right hand side of the unit. 3. Press the RECOVER button. 4. If 150 pounds (68 kg) or more of refrigerant has been recovered since the last filter-drier change, the display reads FILTER WEIGHT XXX lb (XX kg). Press START. NOTE: Refer to the filter change procedure on page 19 of this manual for details about replacin

SPX Cooling Technologies ROBINAIR 17700-2K

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These safety messages cover situations ROBINAIR is aware of. ROBINAIR cannot know, evaluate, and advise you as to all possible hazards. You must verify that conditions and procedures do not jeopardize your personal safety. DISCLAIMER: Information, illustrations, and specifications contained in this manual are based on the latest information available at the time of publication. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without obligation to notify any person or organization of such revis

SPX Cooling Technologies Marley Ultra Low-Noise Fan ACC-NC-4

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The fans permit variable pitch adjustment and feature a simplified hub design. Common Applications for Low-Noise Cooling Towers ■ Hospitals Noise concerns may be paramount near medical facilities where quiet and rest are necessary. ■ Universities and Office Buildings Whenever HVAC equipment is near people, unwanted noise may be a concern. For example, conducting a meeting or teaching a class in a room with a noisy cooling tower outside is an unwelcome distraction. ■ Hotels and Residential

SPX Cooling Technologies Marley Sigma Wood CoolingTower 1200

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All Marley components are designed and selected to be part of an integrated system. For example, the spray pattern from nozzles and the pressure drop through drift eliminators both affect a fill’s heat transfer capacity. So, we include that impact in our thermal analysis. Drift eliminators must be effective at the air velocities where fill is most efficient. So, we’ve carefully designed both components to work together efficiently. How many other cooling tower companies can offer you this assura

SPX Cooling Technologies Marley Sigma Wood CoolingTower 1000

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See page 11. Bottom-Outlet Sump Square-plan galvanized steel sump with bottom outlet. Outlet connection is a hole and bolt circle conforming to 125# ASME pipe connection. Includes a plugged drain connection in sump bottom. Extended Columns for Deep Collection Basin Interior tower columns can be extended to permit concrete basin depth of up to 5’-6”. Some exceptions apply, so consult your Marley sales representative Fan Cylinder Extensions Optional flared fan cylinder extensions improve fan effic

SPX Cooling Technologies Marley Sigma Marley Sigma Steel

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This booklet not only relates the language to use in describing an appropriate Sigma Steel cooling tower— but also defines why certain items and features are important enough to specify with the intention of insisting upon compliance by all bidders. The left-hand column of pages 11 thru 25 provides appropriate text for the various specification paragraphs, whereas the right-hand column comments on the meaning of the subject matter and explains its value. Pages 12 thru 19 indicate those paragraph

SPX Cooling Technologies 92-1322C

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Check all parts for any damage in transit. The carrier is responsible for the condition of the heater package upon arrival. If damage is apparent, note the freight bill accordingly. This will support your claim with the freight carrier. 2. Check the nameplate on the enclosure and verify that the heaters and the control panel are rated for the correct voltage. 3. Check the watt rating on each element and verify the sum of all elements is equal to the KW rating as ordered. 4. The control panel is