Sinclair Super Stripper

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2.0 Safety The Sinclair Super® Stripper is state of the art designed and meets all standard safety requirements. 3.0 Safety Instructions Disconnect the power supply before any maintenance is carried out. Use only recommended blades and make sure the blade is sharp before starting. Maintenance should be undertaken only by qualified personnel. Use only genuine Sinclair parts. Transport Always remove the blade before transporting the machine. CAUTION!!! Always wear ear and eye protectors! CAUTION!!

Sinclair Duro

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* Check brushes periodically to prevent damage to armature. * Changing the blade Disconnect the power supply and put on the blade protection before changing the blade. Use work gloves for your own safety. Loosen the screws of the blade mounting, remove the blade and replace it. Make sure that the sharp bevel of the blade always shows upwards and the blade is fitting in exactly the position of the old one. 4.1 Genuine Spare Parts Spare parts and accessories are manufactured uniquely for the Duro®