Sennheiser SZI 1029

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High-quality GaAlAs transmitting diodes have been arranged in 12 independent groups to ensure re liable transmission. A malfunction indicator is triggered when the radiating power is reduced by more than 30 %. Technical Data IR diodes............................................................... 132 GaAlAs Average radiating power ............................................... 5 W Operating voltage.......................... 85 – 260 V, 50 – 60 Hz Current consumption – operation.................

Sennheiser SK 3063-U

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To reduce interference and to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, SK 3063-U transmitters are equipped with the "HiDyn plus" noise reduction system. In combination with a receiver which is also equipped with this system (e.g. EM 3031/32-U / EM 3532-U), a connection can be established, which is characterised by excellent operational reliability and supreme transmission quality. FEATURES: • Metal injection-moulded casing with quick-change energy pack • State-of-the-art PLL technology, 16 switchable

Sennheiser RS120

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The transmitter features an automatic on/off function. When the transmitter is turned on, its green LED lights up. Make sure to turn off the headphones after each use to avoid discharging the batteries. Reception Adjust the receiver channel with the TUNE control on the headphones. If reception is subject to interference, change the transmission channel. To do so, set the switch at the bottom of the transmitter to another position and re-adjust the receiver channel. Some electronic devices (e.g.

Sennheiser RS 4200-2

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of audio enjoyment ■ Transmitter recharges the headphones plus an additional accupack ■ Headphones automatically switch on and off when they are put on/removed ■ Includes short instructions and colour-coded sockets and plugs for quick set-up and connection ■ Very lightweight stethoset headphones, extremely comfortable to wear even for extended listening ■ Ideal for wearers of glasses ■ Suitable for plasma TVs □H SENNHEISER

Sennheiser RS 4200

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The transmitter easily connects to TV sets or hi-fi systems and transmits sound within a range of up to 100 metres. Users can to listen to the news through walls and ceilings, for example, while in the kitchen or out in the garden. Operation of the system is easy and straightforward, e.g. the headphones automatically switch on when they are put on. The transmitter features a compression button for further enhancing speech intelligibility. The RS 4200-2 has the same features as the RS 4200 but in

Sennheiser RS 110

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To do so, set the switch at the bottom of the transmitter to another position and re-adjust the receiver channel. Some electronic devices (e.g. televisions) can cause interference to your wireless headphone system. If this happens, increase the distance between the transmitter and the interference source. Connexions Connectez les cables. Coussinet d'oreillette Les coussinets d'oreillette sont fixes a l'oreillette au moyen d'une fermeture a baionnette. Pour remplacer les coussinets, tournez-les d

Sennheiser NOISEGARD HMEC 400

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sound pressure level Contact pressure dynamic circumaural, closed 45–15,000 Hz 300/150 ., mono 600/300 ., stereo > 25 – 40 dB 120 dB ( ± 5%) approx. 10 N Microphone incl. preamplifier Transducer principle Frequency response Sensitivity Max. sound pressure level Min. terminating impedance Output voltage Supply voltage electret mic capsule, noise-compensated, MKE 45-1 300–5,000 Hz – 120 dB 150 . 400 mV ± 3 dB at 114 dB (as per RTCA/DO 214) typ. 16 V DC (8 – 16 V DC, approx. 8 – 25 mA, per RTCA/DO

Sennheiser NOISEGARD HMEC 322

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Set the Mono/Stereo switch to ‘Stereo’. HMEC 306 and HMEC 306) You are receiving a mono source but the headset . Set the Mono/Stereo switch to ‘Mono’. Microphone output voltage set too high or too low Re-adjust the output voltage on the . To do so, use a small slotted screwdriver (see illustration on page 133) 137 Valuable information on NoiseGard™ The NoiseGard™ principle One of the greatest stress factors today is noise. Research has shown that noise the nervous system, and can cause tiredness

Sennheiser NOISEGARD HMEC 306

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Mono/Stereo selection (except HMEC 305, HMEC HMDC 322) In general, you’ll receive a mono sound source so set to “Mono”. When using a stereo intercom “Stereo”. Adjusting the volume Exposure to loud sounds can Set the volume control to a medium value. Make such as warning alarms. Mic Gain Adjustment Adjusting the microphone gain According to JTSO approval C58a, the microphone output voltage has to be factory-preset to 400 mV. If this output voltage is too high or too low for your intercom it can e

Sennheiser NOISEGARD HMEC 305-C

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Connect the XLR-3 plug of the headset connecting cable to the of the adapter cable. . Connect the plugor right-angled jack plug of the adapter cable to the cigarette lighter socket. Preparing the headsets for use Adjusting the headband For good noise attenuation and best possible comfort, the headband has to to properly fit your head: . Wear the headset so that the headband runs over the top of your head. . Adjust the length of the headband so that • your ears are completely inside the ear cushi