Polycom Webcam

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If you add acoustic foam on the wall, you can place the camera slightly closer than 1 foot (.3 meters) from the wall. 3 1 1725-23626-001/A ©2006, Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. Polycom® and the Polycom logo are registered trademarks, and Polycom PowerCam Presenter™ and VSX™ are trademarks of Polycom, Inc.

Polycom VTX 1000

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This has been fixed. 2. Line transmission audio will be muted when in HSSB bridged mode and in Hold state. This fix affects VTX -VSX bridge calls only. UI 1. Changes to ensure VTX mute indications will match VSX, particularly when going from idle/on-hook (and muted) to off-hook/redial, or when receiving incoming VTX call while system is muted. 2. Corrected typographical errors in the Admin Setup title setup with passcode set and in menu numbering. 3. Allow ability to press “#” and “*” fast

Polycom VSXTM 7000

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Only from Polycom The Polycom Solution – Everything you need to deploy and manage a complete video conferencing network with Polycom Global Management System™, Polycom PathNavigator™, Polycom Conference Suite and the Polycom MGC™ The world’s most powerful set-top video conferencing system for small to medium groups and special applications. The Polycom VSX 7000 series of products offer flexibility, reliability and a robust architecture for virtually any meeting room, classroom or small group env

Polycom VSXTM

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Polycom makes video conferencing and content sharing easy to deploy, seamless to use and cost effective, allowing companies to truly enhance group collaboration and boost productivity. How to Add Polycom QSX to VSX Video Conferencing for Optimal Collaboration 1. Setup the QSX in the presenting room and connect your laptop. 2. Connect a standard VGA cable from the VGA-Out port on the QSX to the VGA-In port on the Visual Concert*. 3. When remote participant dials into audio bridge, give them t

Polycom VSX VSX 6000

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Setting up the VSX 6000 System What's in the box? Contenu de la boîte ¿Qué hay en la caja? O que a caixa deverâ conter? Was enthält die Schachtel? Che cosa c'è nel pacco? Hva esken inneholder? ?nnö nn KoMn/ieKT nocraBKM Minimum setup Installation des éléments de base Instalación necesaria Instalaçâo básica Grundinstallation Installazione necessaria Nadvendig oppsett nitrrnn njpnnn Æ w mm POLYCOM’ Optional setup Installation de l'équipement optionnel Instalación del equipo optativ


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High-quality video .. Crystal-clear audio .. Enhanced security options This document provides the latest information about version 6.0.4 software for ViewStation EX, ViewStation FX, and VS4000 systems. Topics Page What’s New in This Release?.......................................................................................................1 State-of-the-Art Feature Review..................................................................................................2 Superior Video with Sup

Polycom ViaVideo II

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Polycom V700

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All rights reserved. Polycom® and the Polycom logo are registered trademarks, and VSX™ is a trademark of Polycom, Inc. 1725-24057-001

Polycom V2IU 4350

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The T1 port should not be connected to the telco network. •Fully integrated CSU/DSU •T1 support •Fractional T1 support •Layer 2 protocol support for: HDLC, Cisco HDLC (cHDLC), PPP, MLPPP, MLPPPoFR, Frame Relay •On-board RJ-48 connector for easy direct connection •T1/E1 framer and transceiver —B8ZS/HDB3 zero suppression —Response to Inband Loop codes (ANSI) —Manual payload loop through the GUI •External transmit clock input and receive clock output headers •Timing: internal or external (loop time

Polycom ULTIMATE HD HDX 9000

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HDX 9000-720p EagleEye™ 720p PN 2200-26500-001 HDX 9000-1080p EagleEye™ 1080p PN 2200-26740-001 Call T3E about HDX Bundle Configurations 4-way MPPlus Internal MCU Option PN 5150-23912-001 POLYCOM first to implement H.264 High Profile Call T3E for details HDX 9000 Series -High Definition Backplane Polycom’s HDX HD 9000 Series offers greatest flexibility from Conference Room to Classroom. 4 – Video Inputs, 3 – Video Outputs. T3E Confidential All Trademarks are Polycom registered. Page 1 HDX 8000 S