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Design and product development may be upgraded without a public notice. IMPORTANT SAFEGAURDS SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS 1. When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed including the following. Read all instructions. 2. To protect against risk of electrical shock, do not put the main body (motor) in water or any other liquid. 3. Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near children. 4. Unplug from outlet when not in use, before assembli

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These values can be requested from the manufacturer when the sensor is purchased or may be measured by a testing lab. ..... SquarSquarSquarSquarSquar... e Re Re Re Re R... ootootootootoot Select this function if the transmitter’s output is to vary with the square root of the input. ........ Custom PCustom PCustom PCustom PCustom P.. ololololol....... ynomialynomialynomialynomialynomial The transmitter can use up to a 10th order polynomial equation (y = A + Ax + Ax2 + … + Ax10) as the transfer fu

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The unique Communications Adapter provides a fully isolated serial interface and power source, allowing the transmitter to be configured with a “PC-Only” - no external power supply, calibrator or meter is required! QuicQuicQuicQuicQuick Stark Stark Stark Stark StartttttBefore beginning the process of setting up the transmitter, it is important to understand the difference between calibration and configuration. The transmitter’s precision references (4 and 20 milliamps out; resistance, voltage an

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TT300 adhesives are also specially formulated for highest performance under the recommended environmental conditions and are packaged to provide the user with maximum control in mixing and application. Each adhesive is dated to ensure freshness of contents, together with details for proper handling, storage, mixing and application. PLEASE NOTE It is usually false economy to attempt installing strain gauges with outdated adhesive, or adhesive not stored as recommended. It should also be noted tha

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When you receive the shipment, inspect the container and equipment for signs of damage. Note any evidence of rough handling in transit. Immediately report any damage to the shipping agent. The carrier will not honor damage claims unless all shipping material is saved for inspection. After examining and removing contents, save packing material and carton in the event reshipment is necessary. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Introduction ......................................... 1 1.1 General Descripti

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OTHER PROGRAMMING 11.5 Alarm 3 Programming Mode 1) Absolute value alarms (.,.,.,.) ........ Character display Cursor Channel Level Alarm Relay No.* Alarm value (Note) type Max. 5 digits by left-justify Unused digits are filled with spaces. (Note) Program the alarm value within the scale range. 2) Rage-of-change alarm (.,.) . ... ... . Character displayCursor Channel Level Alarm Relay No.* Alarm value (Note 1) Measuring count (Note 2) (1 to 20) type Max. 5 digits by left-justify Unused digits are

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c o m OMEGAne t® On-Line Service Internet e-mail h t t p : / / w w w.omega.com i n f o @ o m e g a . c o m Servicing North America: USA: One Omega Drive, Box 4047 ISO 9001 Certified Stamford, CT 06907-0047 Tel: (203) 359-1660 FAX: (203) 359-7700 e-mail: info@omega.com Canada: 976 Bergar Laval (Quebec) H7L 5A1 Tel: (514) 856-6928 FAX: (514) 856-6886 e-mail: info@omega.ca For immediate technical or application assistance: USA and Canada: Sales Service: 1-800-826-6342 / 1-800-TC-OMEGASM Customer Se

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Other instruction manuals to be provided separately This instruction manual describes the operation under the standard specifications and also operations for the optional specifications of (1) alarm output/remote contacts and (2) printing format. For the communications interface unit and the optional specification of mathematical function/totalization, exclusive manuals are provided separately. Also for other optional specifications, of which description of operation is necessary, the relevant i

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Press the key to select Store and then press the key. The changes are applied, and the screen returns to Operation mode. If you select Abort and press the key, the changes are discarded, and the screen returns to Operation mode. Press the ESC key to return to the Basic= screen. 7.4 Setting the RJC Function on Channels Set to TC Input Explanation RJC Sets the RJC mode. Internal: Uses the RJC function on the recorder. External: Uses an external RJC function. If external is selected, set the compen


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This allows the user to “Tare- Out” a starting weight in hydraulic weighing applications. To remove the Tare feature turn the unit off and back on again and do not push the On/Off button during the flashing period. 3. Battery Replacement (9 Volt Type) The battery can be replaced simply by removing the single screw at the top of the battery door. Remove the old battery, unplug the cable connector and replace with Eveready type 216 or equivalent. Replace the battery door and secure with the self-t