New Transducers 42PF9830/93

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The mode selection made will effect the speed and/or saturation and/or intensity which determines the viewing impression. E.g. in Relaxed mode, the rate of brightness and colour change is smoothly and soft which gives you a more immersive yet relaxed viewing. Ambience is the rate of brightness and colour change as predefined in the factory. Movie will influence the perception of a movie whereas Action mode will influence the dynamic impression. Notes: -The rate of change is limited, as not to ca

New Transducers 42PF9830/10

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See the supplied World-wide guarantee booklet. Please, have the Model and Product number which you can find at the back of your television set or on the packaging, ready, before calling the Philips helpline. Model: 42PF9830/10 Product No: ........................................... Care of the screen See p. 3. R End of life directives Philips is paying a lot of attention to producing environmentally-friendly in green focal areas.Your new TV contains materials which can be recycled and reused. At

New Transducers 37PF9830/10

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Note:The blue colour key can, if necessary, be used to let the colour keys re-appear. c To stop playing content, press the ‡ key on the remote control. Function keys at the bottom of the screen Details to display a description of the selected file or directory; Transitions to select if a transition during a slide show should be applied; Slide time to select the duration a picture will be displayed in a slide show; Rotate to rotate a picture; Repeat one/all to repeat the playback of a music file;

New Transducers 32PF9830/10

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Automatic installation ............... Manual installation Channel name Reshuffle/rename channels Preferred channels Software upgrade Info Reshuffle/Rename channels You can change the order of the stored TV channels. It is also possible to change the name stored in the memory or to assign a name to a TV channel or external for which a name has not yet been entered.A name with up to 5 letters or numbers can be given to the programme number 0 to 99 and to the externals. & Select Reshuffle/Rename c