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It is our assumption the reader is a qualified diver. We highly recommend that all divers should train, under controlled conditions, in the use of any model of commercial diving helmet that they have not previously used or trained in, prior to use on the job. WARNING 3.1 Introduction This section provides advice on how to use your Kirby Morgan helmet. The use of these diving helmets will vary with the type of work and environmental conditions. The basic procedures of donning and removing these h

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Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc. 1430 Jason Way Santa Maria, CA 93455, USA Telephone (805) 928-7772, FAX (805) 928-0342 E-Mail: kmdsi@KirbyMorgan.com, Web Site:Manual prepared by Marine Marketing and Consulting, Dive Lab, Inc., and KMDSI. NOTE: This manual is the most current for the Kirby Morgan 47 Helmet. It is page dated May 2007. Future changes will be shown on page III and the changed pages will carry the date of change. Previous manuals may not reflect these updates. WARNING Diving with com

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The breathing systems on all Kirby Morgan helmets and masks are simple and highly reliable. The fact that they can continue to operate when the components are not in a well-maintained condition can cause divers to become complacent about maintenance. Your life depends on the correct function of this equipment! While Kirby Morgan helmets and masks are simple to maintain, like any type of life support equipment, they do require regular periodic maintenance to function properly. All parts disassemb