I-Tech Company WBX-6200F-V

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I-Tech Company NVP1017

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KVM Session Front View LED Indication Selected Channel -Displayed channel on monitor & red in LED. Channel select button -Press to select channel from 1 – 8. Shift button -Press & Hold follow with a channel button to select channel from 9 – 16. Online Channel -Green LED state the PC has connected and power on. Bank no. -Display the Bank no. from 1 – 8. Bank button -Select the bank from 1 – 8 (for cascade only). 16 i-Tech Company LLC TOLL FREE: (888) 483-2418 • EMAIL: info@iTechKVM.com • WEB: NVP

I-Tech Company NVP1015

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Table of Content P.1 2. Read Before Installation P.2 3. Introduction P.3 4. Features P.3 5. Package Contents P.4 6. Optional Accessories P.5 7. Peripheral Products P.5 8. Important Safeguards P.6 9. Structure Diagram P.7 10. Dimension Diagram NVP1015-S8/1601 P.8 NVP1017-S8/1601 P.9 10. LCD Session LCD Membrane Diagram P.11 LCD OSD Control Main Menu P.11 Sub Menu P.12-13 Resolution Settings For Windows P.14 11. KVM Session Front View P. 16 Rear View P. 17 Installation Steps P.18 Cascading P. 19 1