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SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS INSERTING BATTERIES Open the battery compartment on the back of the handle. Insert the battery in the battery compartment. Close lid after inserting the battery The unit is using 1 x 9 V, Not included. START TO USE 1. "HOLD" a. Press this key when the scale is stable, the arrow in the right bottom blinks b. To release the feature , press this key again 2. "UNIT" Select kg, lb, or lb:oz 3. "TARE/OFF" a. When there is load on the hook press this key to return to Zero. When

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Thermoplastics are ideal for microwave cooking as they can tolerate very high temperatures. Some plastics may warp and discolour dur to the heat of some foods, ie. those with a high sugar or fat content. Melamine or Urea plastic are unsuitable for microwave cookery since they absorb heat. Paper Do not use paper or paper products unless they are specifically designed for microwave usage. 9 Metal Metal containers should not be used. Microwaves cannot penetrate through metal and therefore the food

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• Stir the chocolate occasionally as it is melting. •To keep the chocolate warm once it has melted (e.g. for chocolate fondue), turn the switch to position I (approx. 43° C). •Turn the switch to position 0 and remove the plug from the wall socket after use. The control light will go out. • If the melted chocolate is not to be used immediately, but is to be processed further, you should transfer it to another container. Using the moulds • The moulds must be dry and clean before pouring in chocola