Greenheck Fan SSFSDR-XXX

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Any units or parts which prove to be defective during the warranty period will be repaired or replaced at our option. Greenheck shall not be liable for damages resulting from misapplication or misuse of its products. Greenheck will not be responsible for any installation or removal costs. Greenheck will not be responsible for any service work or backcharges without prior written authorization. SAFEty WARNING: Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause propert

Greenheck Fan Smoke Dampers SSSMDR-501

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The SSSMDR-501 has been qualified to 3,000 fpm (15.2m/s) and 4 in. wg (1.0 kPa) for operational closure in emergency smoke control situations, for use in HVAC system applications. Ratings Leakage: Pressure: Maximum Velocity: Temperature: Class I 4 in. wg (1 kPa) - differential pressure 3000 fpm (15.2 m/s) 350°F (177°C) depending on the actuator. Standard Construction Frame/Sleeve: Blades: Seals: Axles: Bearings: Size Limitations: Minimum Size: Maximum Size: 20 ga. (1mm) stainless stee

Greenheck Fan Smoke Dampers SMD-401M

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High strength airfoil blades ensure the lowest resistance to airflow in HVAC systems with velocities to 2000 fpm (10.2 m/s ) and 4 wg (1 kPa). Model SMD-401M may be installed vertically (with blades running horizontal) or horizontally and is rated for airflow and leakage in either direction. RATINgS Leakage Class: I Model SMD-401M meets the requirements for smoke dampers established by: National Fire Protection Association NFPA Standards 92A, 92B, 101 & 105 IBC International Building Codes ICBO

Greenheck Fan Smoke Dampers SMD-203

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The standard mounting locations provide enough space for the mounting of actuators, controls and allow space for installation of retaining angles and duct connections. The standard location of a damper mounted in a factory sleeve ("A" dimension) is shown below. The damper can be positioned at other locations within a range of 6 in. (152mm) to 12 in. (305mm) for the "A" dimension. 53/8 in. 5 in.Right hand drive is show n Left hand drive available upon request LH RH A Sleeve Length V aries 6 in. 3

Greenheck Fan SEFSDR-XXX

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Refer to Fig. 5 on page 5 for wiring of the OCI option. TOR - The TOR (temperature override device) option incorporates two thermostats with fixed settings (usually 165°F and 350°F). The primary sensor (the sensor with the lower temperature setting) can be bypassed by an external electrical signal allowing the damper to reopen until the temperature reaches the setting of the secondary sensor (the sensor with the higher temperature setting). When the temperature of the secondary sensor is exceede

Greenheck Fan PVF

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Read the installation, operating and maintenance instructions thoroughly before installing or servicing this equipment. CAUTION!!! Units are designed for outdoor installation only. DO NOT locate units indoors. Indirect Fired Gas Unit Installations Units are listed for installation in the United States and Canada • Installation of gas fired duct furnaces must conform with local building codes. In the absence of local codes, installation must conform to the National Fuel Gas code, ANSI Z223.1 or i

Greenheck Fan No Flow Duct Smoke Detector

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Sometimes smoke can be of such quantity as to be a serious hazard to life safety unless blowers are shut down and dampers are actuated. The primary purpose of duct smoke detection is to prevent injury, panic, and property damage by reducing the spread (recirculation) of smoke. The detector samples air currents passing through a duct and gives dependable performance for management of smoke and combination fire smoke dampers. Duct smoke detection can also serve to protect the air conditioning syst

Greenheck Fan Modular Make-Up Air Unit DGX

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Chilled water, DX, and evaporative cooling options are also available for combination heating and cooling requirements. The DGX is designed for providing make-up air to commercial and industrial facilities. Airflow volumes range from 800 to 48,000 cfm with heating output capacities up to 4,800,000 Btu/hr. Durable Construction Designed for maximum weather resistance, DGX housings are constructed of heavy gauge G90 galvanized steel. Lifting lugs are standard. Direct Gas-Fired System • High quality

Greenheck Fan KWVU205YBAO

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Greenheck Fan KWVU205YBA1

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