Golden Technologies Power Lift

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hnnlnnion ^ 401 Bridge Street technologies ^ Old Forge, PA 18518 YOUR LIFE IN MOTION Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for purchasing this Golden Technologies Power Lift and Recline Chair. Your Golden chair is tested and certified by NRTL Met Labs to UL and CSA electrical standards to assure that you have purchased one of the safest chairs available. We believe that this product is made from the highest quality components available, is engineered to give you maximum service with minimum mainte

Golden Technologies LitewayTM

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Place the assembly as shown next to the frame. The fork has to locate into the pins as shown. The pins are marked in red. SAFETY NOTICE Lift the frame over the forks. Line up the pins and lower the frame. When both sets are located push the frame down. You will hear a “click” as the assembly locks. If the transaxle is not located correctly the vehicle will not operate. Assemble the remaining sections in reverse order of dismantling. Golden Liteway GL-100 Owner’s Manual Revised 11/06 Battery Char

Golden Technologies GP601 SS

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This information will be useful in the event that you ever need to contact Golden Technologies, Inc. concerning your power chair. Your Compass ™ Model __________________ Serial Number _______________ Date of Purchase _______ Body Color __________________ Options ________________ Your Golden Technologies, Inc. representative or dealer Name ____________________________________ Company ________________________________ Address _________________________________ Please remember to fill in and return y

Golden Technologies GP601

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2. Never put your power chair in freewheel mode while you are operating your power chair. THERMAL ROLLBACK Your Compass™ is equipped with a safety system. A microprocessor monitors the operating temperatures of the controller. In the event of excessive heat occurring in the controller, the controller will decrease the speed of your chair. This is done to reduce the load on the electrical system and allow the components to dissipate heat. The controller will automatically set the chair’s speed ba

Golden Technologies GP600 SS, GP601 SS, GP600 CC, GP601 CC

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Push and then release the clamp on the left post of the headrest while you are pulling up or pushing down on the head rest. See figure 10. 2. The headrest will “click” to a stop in one of the preset positions. 3. Repeat step 1 until the headrest is at the desired height. Backrest Angle Adjustment Lever Headrest Clamp Figure 10 Figure 11 BACKREST ANGLE ADJUSTMENT NOTE: The backrest can be folded down to minimize chair height during transport. 1. Pull up on the adjustment lever (see figure 11) and

Golden Technologies GP600 CC

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This interference could result in abnormal, unintended movement of a power wheelchair. The FDA has determined that each make and model of power chair can resist EMI/RFI to a certain level. The higher the level of immunity, the greater the degree of protection from EMI/RFI measured in volts per meter (V/m). The FDA has also determined that current technology is capable of providing 20 V/m of immunity to EMI/RFI, which would provide useful protection against common sources of interference. Based o

Golden Technologies GL140

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See #2 on figure 8. 3. Position the seat post at the desired height while aligning the holes in the seat post and the seat pedestal. 4. Reinstall the nut and bolt. 5. Replace the seat back onto the seat pedestal. Figure 8. Seat Height/Rotation Adjustment Figure 6. Armrest Width Adjustment Figure 7. Flip-up/Angle Adjustment 18 LiteRider™ Owner’s Manual V. OPERATION Rev.A_122810 FREEWHEEL MODE Your Golden LiteRider™ is equipped with a freewheel lever that can set your scooter in or out

Golden Technologies GL110

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We are honored you have chosen Golden Technologies for your mobility needs. LiteRider™ Models GL110/GL140 Standard Packing List: 1 Owner’s Manual 1 Consumer Instructional DVD 1 Battery Pack 1 Under-the-seat Basket 1 Front Basket 1 Seat with Armrests 2 Keys Battery Charger Seat Post Nut and Bolt DISCLAIMER We ask that you read this manual completely before operating your new Golden LiteRider™. Golden Technologies, Inc. is not and cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury incurred

Golden Technologies GB116

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Golden Technologies GB106XR

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The Consumer must have a warranty registration card filed with Golden Technologies to receive service. This warranty supersedes all previous warranties for all scooter models effective June 1, 2008. The warranty covers the following scooter models: • Buzzaround • Companion GC222/223 • Companion GB106/106XR/106XP3 • Avenger GA531/541 GC322/323/325 • Liteway GL100 • Companion GC422 Lifetime Limited Warranty: For the life of the scooter, from the date of purchase from an authorized Golden Technolog