GoFit Rotary Abdominal Back LS 526

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¦ Review and follow the preventative maintenance tips listed in this manual. ¦ If you experience problems with operation of the equipment, carefully review the assembly instructions and make sure all steps were completed. ¦ Make sure to completely fill-out the product registration form & return it within 30-days of purchase. ¦ Please contact us if have additional questions or need service assistance (877.861.2181). ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION PAGE 6 ASSEMBLY STAGE # 1 Attach Stabilizer Assemblies to th

GoFit Epic Era

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WARNING! Bicycle assembly is an art which requires training and experience. Do not attempt installation of any component if you do not have experience and training as a bicycle mechanic. To ensure the best assembly possible and to prevent any damage to the components or frame, follow all torque specifications. Please refer to the specific owner’s manuals for mating component’s correct torque specifications. If the mating component’s recommended torque exceeds the frame’s recommended torque, use