Gainward TV2GO

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With built-in mini TV tuner and 480 Mbps high speed USB 2.0 interface, TV2GO allows you to view video or TV show directly on your notebook or PC. High Quality MPEG-l/MPEG-2 Recording TV2GO can be used to record Video or TV show in DVD quality. With bundled MPEG-1/ MPEG-2/MPEG-4 Encode software, you can easily record your favorite Video or TV program. You can use MPEG editor to edit it and burn it into DVD by using DVD Maker . TV Remote Control TV2GO includes a 28-key card type remote contr

Gainward 7300GT

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We have seen the GPU blaze through the tests with Gainward's Bliss. But before wetalkofresults.we muststress that NVIDIA designed the GeForce 7300 GT to be very flexible in terms ofcore clockand memorytypeand clock with theirvendors' implementation. The result:a boom in creativitywhere we find NVIDIA partners with a myriad ofvariants. Inno3D has armed its GeForce 7300 GT (yes, it's got a boring name) with verycapable hardware that's almost the equalof the Gainward Bliss 7300 GT PCX. Crucially,