Dremel SM20

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!WARNING It is important to read and understand the section in this manual called “Kickback and Related Warnings”. FIG.4PADDLESWITCH"LOCK-ON" BUTTON"LOCK-OFF"SWITCHRELEASE LEVER DEPTH ADJUSTMENT DEPTH Disconnect plug from power source. Loosen the depth adjustment lever located on the right side of the tool. The foot is spring loaded and will lower automatically (Fig. 5). Tighten lever counter clockwise at the depth FIG. 5 setting desired. Check desired depth (Fig. 5). DEPTHSCALEADJUSTMENTLEVER L

Dremel PL400

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Mettez les ergots en face des rainures correspondantes de l’outil. Insert this end into collet Introduzca este extremo en el portaherramienta Enfilez cette extremite dans la douille No shank visible El vastago no debe ser visible La queue ne doit pas etre visible Overthrow Nut Tuerca de sobrerrecorrido Bague filetee (5) (6) (7) Feed Direction Arrow Flecha de sentido de avance Fleche indiquant le sens de l’avance Power Tool Safety Rules ! WARNING Read and understand all instructions. Failure to f

Dremel MOTO-TOOL 395

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Pernaps you should be using a different cutter, and perhaps an adjustment in speed would solve the problem. But lean ing on the tool seldoms helps. Speed Settings " Speed for light cuts, caution burning on deep grooves. t" Depending on cutting direction relative to grain. CATALOG NUMBER I WOOD WOOD PLJ_STIC BRASS, ETO, STONE CERAMIC tI HIGH SPEED CUTTERS 100. 121.131.141 5. 5 3 t 2 4 114.124,134.144 5 3 2 t 1-2 2 189.190 5 5 2 4 5 118.191.193 5 5 2 3 5 192,194 5 5 2 3 5 118,117,125,196 5 3 2 2 2

Dremel MOTO-TOOL 285

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This is not common, but it does happen. Practice on scrap materials first to see how the Moto-Tool cuts. Keep in mind that the work']s done by the speed of the tool and by the accessory in the chuck. You should not lean on or push the tool into the work. Instead, lower the spinning accessory lightly to the work and allow it to touch the point at. which you want cutting (or sanding or etch-" ing, etc.) to begin. Concentrate'on guiding the tool over the work using very little pros- sure from your

Dremel MOTO-TOOL 275

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It will give youtips on some of the many different do-it-yourself jobs the tool will perform around your home and workshop. WARNING For your own safety read your Owner's Manual assembly • operation • safety instructions. before operating your Dremel Moto-Tool OREMEL _.o.,o_ _ Racine, Wisconsin 53401 1/88 PRINTED IN U.S.A. 5296077 When using electric tools, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, For Your Safety... electric shock, and personal injury, includ

Dremel 761

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Box 1468 Racine, Wisconsin 53401 1-800-437-3635 Dremel brand products are manufactured and sold by the Dremel Division of Robert Bosch Tool Corporation 2 610 925 737 2/05 PRINTED IN U.S.A. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using electrical appliances, especially when children are present, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING KEEP AWAY FROM WATER DANGER – To reduce the risk of electrocution: 1. Do not place or store appli

Dremel 7.2V Cordless Rotary Tool 750-2

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Street Racine Racine, WI 53406 M-F, 7am - 7pm CST California 1-800-275-2052 1-760-327-3003 1-760-322-3972 Dremel Authorized Service 4631 E. Sunny Dunes Palm Springs, Ca 92264 M-F, 7am - 4:30pm PS" In CANADA Ontario 1-416-287-3000 1-416-287-3005 Giles Tool Agencies 47 Granger Avenue Scarborough, ON M1K 3K9 M-F, 8:30am - 5pm ES‘ Quebec (Quebec City) 1-418-877-3371 1-418-877-3958 Clinique D'Outillage M.P. 3075 boul. Hamel, Suite 107 Quebec, QC G1P 4C8 M-F, 8am - 12pm, 1-5pm EST

Dremel 670

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Failure to follow all instructions listed below may result in personal injury. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Safety Rules for Mini Saw Attachment ! DANGER Keep hands away from cutting area and blade. Keep your second hand on motor housing. If both hands are holding the tool, they cannot be cut by the blade. Hold the tool firmly to prevent loss of control. Figures in this manual illustrate typical hand support of the tool. NEVER place your hand behind the saw blade since kickback could cause the saw to

Dremel 3000

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Other accessories are not designed for this tool and may lead to personal injury or property damage. The number and variety of accessories for the Rotary Tool are almost limitless. There is a category suited to almost any job you might have to do — and a variety of sizes and shapes within each category which enables you to get the perfect accessory for every need. Refer to the DREMEL ACCESSORY ORDER FORM for illustrations of the accessories available. These accessories may be found at your loc

Dremel 300

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PARTS LIST MODEL 300 - 300 Series High Speed Rotary Tool CODE PART NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE QTY. TOTAL 1 2615990962 Wrench $1.40 2 2615297355 Collet Nut $1.25 3 2615000480 1/8" Collet $2.95 4 2610919754 Nose Cap $1.25 5 2610912779 Armature & Bearing Assembly $22.00 6 2610907324 Field Assembly $6.90 7 2610913818 Shaft Lock Assembly $1.25 8 2610925724 Housing Set $6.60 9 2610925720 Hanger $0.65 10 2610913683 Brush Cap (pair) $1.60 11 2615302695 Brush & Brush Spring (p