Cal Flame Woodcrest Series

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A Savannah Rectangle Gazebo Assembly Step 2: Roof Frame Assembly When assembling the roof frame, it is recommended that you lay everything out and assemble it on a fl at surface. It is also recommended that there be another person available when installing the roof frame on to the gazebo walls. Check the parts list that came with your gazebo and make sure that all the parts are present. Also, please follow the written steps in conjunction with the figures that are shown. 1. Take the gable ends a

Cal Flame Villa Spa Home Resort

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If you are installing a spa or villa on an elevated • wood deck or other structure, we strongly recommend that you consult a structural engineer or contractor to ensure the structure will support the weight of 150 Lbs./ sq. ft. It is strongly recommended that a qualified, • licensed contractor prepare the foundation for your villa. Size Specifications Length Width 12’ 12’ 12’ 16’ 14’ 14’ 14’ 18’ 16’ 16’ NOTE: We recommend that the foundation extend beyond the dimension of the villa. For example,

Cal Flame Ultimate Fitness Hot Tub

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However, many people find it hard to fit a visit to the gym into their busy day. With a Cal Spas Ultimate Fitness spa, you can have the convenience of a complete aquatic gym in your very own backyard or garden and can start a fun and effective exercise routine that you will look forward to every day. Ultimate Fitness spas are available in many sizes—from a compact 8’ aquatic fitness center that is the same size as most standard hot tubs to a generous 17’ Fitness Pro spa with independent swim and

Cal Flame Spa Wrap

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When installing and assembling your spa wrap, it is recommended that two or more people be involved. Do not use the unit during an electrical storm. Do not attempt any repair without consulting the manufacturer first. Unauthorized repairs will void the manufacturer’s warranty (within the first 90 days). Delivery and Set-Up . 1 Planning the Best Location for Your Spa Wrap . 1 Preparing a Good Foundation 1 Spa Wrap Assembly 2 Tools and Materials 2 Assembly . 2 Seam and Joint Finishing . 5 Installi

Cal Flame Portable Spa

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7 Gas Heater Hook up . 8 Filling and Powering Up Your Portable Spa 10 Operating Your Spa 5100, 6200 and 6300 Electronic Control Operation 11 9800 Electronic Control Operation 13 Periodic Reminder Messages . 15 Diagnostic Messages 16 Jets 18 Diverter Knobs 18 Waterfalls . 18 Air Venturis . 18 Aromatherapy . 18 Adjustable Therapy System™ 19 Wireless Spa Monitor . 19 LED Perimeter Lighting 20 Clear Water Plan The Key to Clear Water 21 Testing and Adjusting Spa Water 22 Sanitation 23 About the Cal P

Cal Flame PIZZA CART LTR20091039

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Cylinder Specification Any LP gas supply cylinder used with this pizza oven must be constructed and marked in accordance with either: Specifications for LP-Gas Cylinders• of the U.S. Department of Transportation, or National Standard of Canada, • CAN/CSA-B339, Cylinders, Spheres and Tubes for Transportation of Dangerous Goods; and Commission. The LP cylinder must be approximately 12 inches in diameter and 18 inches high. The maximum fuel capacity is 20 lbs. of propane, or 5 gallons. Full cylinde

Cal Flame Outdoor Woodburning Fireplace

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Cal Flame brings that reality to your home. Now you can reconnect with the outdoors and bask in the warmth and glow of an inviting fireplace or firepit. There is no better way to enjoy a cool evening than with friends and family around an open flame—and with as many choices as Cal Flame gives you, it’s easy to find the style that matches your needs. With assorted firepits, choose from traditional shapes and sizes or impress guests with chair and barstool height firepit tables. All fire fixtures

Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen

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Homeowners around the world all have one thing in common: The desire to cook outdoors. Now you can do it with style and function! Cal Flame is the first and only manufacturer to offer you the commercial-grade equipment to build a true outdoor kitchen. The very best in stainless steel grills and cooking peripherals can now be yours. Side burners, food warmers and outdoor refrigerators eliminate the need to run inside and keep you where you want to be the most: At the grill! Best of all, Cal Flame

Cal Flame LTR20081044

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6 Installing the Rotisserie . 7 Installing Side Burners . 8 Operating Your Barbecue . 9 Grill Controls . 9 Lighting the Grill . 10 Basic Grill Operation 11 Cooking with the Rotisserie 11 Cooking with a Side Burner . 12 Cooking with a Convection Grill 12 Light and Fan Switch 12 Cleaning and Maintenance . 13 Drip Pan . 13 Care of Stainless Steel . 13 Covering Your Grill . 13 After Use Care . 13 Light Bulb Replacement . 14 Appendix 15 Troubleshooting 15 Removing and Replacing Infrared Burners 17 Re


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Grout is much easier to repair than stone tile and gaps between the tile can cause water to seep into the barbecue island and cause damage to the interior. In those instances where natural cracks occur, we recommend having an experienced tile worker filling them with a material of a complementary color. After the filler sets and is sanded smooth, apply a weather sealant to help prevent further cracking. Granite Top Clean stone surfaces with a few drops of neutral cleaner, stone soap (available f