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The filament is broken. Change the bulb. 2. the lamp is not fully plugged in its holder: Out of focus or blurring image 1. The object is too close to the lens. 2. Focus is on the max. point of “Tele” press “Wide”. 3. Auto-focus is not on: press AF again. 4. Fog on the lens in damp climate. It will disappear gradually when the equipment warms up. If the problem still remains after checking the above, consult your dealer or authorized service personnel. PACKING LIST AND ACCESSORIES: Item Quantity


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Please connect the projector with your PC and turn on the projector. You can find the setup program included in the internal memory of the projector. 2. Double click on the icon to run the Setup Wizard, and then follow the on-screen instructions to continue the installation. 3. When the installation is completed, the utility icon ( ) will appear on your desktop. 4. Double click the icon to launch the converting utility. The control panel of the utility will appear as shown below: EN To convert P


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correctly. Make sure the USB port is USB 2.0... Try a different USB 2.0 port or another computer... Check the power led indicator is.. ON. Try connecting to USB port of the Notebook directly instead .. of through the hub. Unplug all other USB devices from the system... Make sure to restart your computer after thedriver .. installation. Unplug the device and re-insert it... The projected image is too dark Use the projector in a darker environment... Increase the brightness by using the AC power a


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• The Source button on the control panel or remote control can be used to select a source. NOTE: • Always turn off the image source (computer or video) and projector before connecting or disconnecting cables. • When using a computer as the input device, set the resolution of your computer’s graphic card to 1024x768 for the optimal projected image. Refer to the Timing Charts page 30 to verify that the video signal timing of your graphics card is supported by the projector. • Many laptop computers


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Check to make sure that the Teacher’s station/Laptop switch box setting is set to the desired source (Teacher’s Station or Laptop). The VCR should be set to channel L1. • Turn the projector on by pressing the Standby/On (green) button on the remote control. • Select the desired external input source (Computer or VCR). To display the COMPUTER press the RGB button To display the VCR/ ELMO press the VIDEO button Turning OFF the projector • Turn the projector off by pressing the Standby/On (green) b


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Each name of corporations or products in the owner's manual is a trademark or a registered trademark of its respective corporation. FEATURES AND DESIGN This Multimedia Projector is designed with the most advanced technology for portability, durability, and ease of use. This projector utilizes built-in multimedia features, a palette of 16.77 million colors, and matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. Compact Design This projector is extremely compact in size and weight. It is designed t


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Refer to figures on pages 11 to 13 and connect properly. Connect the S-VIDEO Connect the audio output Connect the composite video output from video from video equipment to output from video equipment equipment to this these jacks. to VIDEO/Y jack or connect jack. (Refer to P13.) (Refer to P13.) the component video outputs AUDIO INPUT JACKS VIDEO INPUT JACKSS-VIDEO INPUT JACK AUDIO OUTPUT JACKS Connect an external audio amplifier to these jacks. (Refer to P12, 13.) RESET BUTTON This projector use


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When ONSCREEN MENU or any message / dialog box is displayed on the screen instead of PC mouse pointer, this Wireless Mouse function cannot be used. INSTALLATION To use Wireless Remote Control Unit as Wireless Mouse for a Personal Computer, installation of the mouse driver (not supplied) is required. Make sure that the mouse driver is properly installed in your computer. And make sure that the mouse port (or USB port) of a Personal Computer is activated. 1 1 Connect the mouse port (or USB port) o


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Focus Message disappears after 4 seconds. KEYSTONE ADJUSTMENT If a projected picture has keystone distortion, correct image with KEYSTONE adjustment. 1 1 Press KEYSTONE / button on Remote Control Unit or select Keystone on SETTING menu. (Refer to page 35.) Keystone dialog box appears. 2 2 Correct keystone distortion by pressing KEYSTONE / button or POINT UP/DOWN button(s). Press KEYSTONE button or POINT UP button to reduce the upper part of image, and press KEYSTONE button or POINT DOWN button


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There is no guarantee of the same lifetime for each lamp. Some lamps may fail or terminate their lifetime in a shorter period of time than other similar lamps. If the projector indicates that the lamp should be replaced, i.e., if the LAMP REPLACE INDICATOR lights up, replace the lamp with a new one IMMEDIATELY after the projector has cooled down. ( Follow carefully the instructions in the LAMP REPLACEMENT section of this manual. ) Continuous use of the lamp with the LAMP REPLACE INDICATOR light