Assa Simplex Mechanical Pushbutton Locks

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Issuing, replacing and controlling keys can be a headache for both large and small facilities. Kaba’s® Simplex® mechanical pushbutton locks eliminate those headaches by using a PIN code instead of keys for access by all authorized users. One code — that’s all you have to remember or keep up with — nothing tangible like a key or magnetic card, no batteries to replace in the lock, and no software or computers to control the lock’s operation. Simple as 1-2-3. PIN codes are made up of any combinatio

Assa Model 34

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Electromagnets are not at all strong in this orientation of attack. Therefore, as the drawingshows, Securitron's Z bracket should be used with an interference piece which blocks the shearing effect while the strength of the magnet blocks one arm moving while the other is stationary. For this technique to work, the motorized operator must be coordinated which means that one arm must move first to clear the interference piece before the other arm starts moving. Gate operators can normally accompli


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The premiere safe in Elsafe’s exciting new Infinity Collection TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Standard Specifications Emergency override: Electronic using password protected Windows PocketPC™ handheld unit Power supply: 5 x standard ‘C’ cells User operation: 4-digit or 6-digit guest- selected user code Closing: Electronic push button Keyboard: ADA-compliant keyboard Locking system: High grade steel latch Construction: High quality seam welded 2 mm (5/64 in) steel Door: 2.5 mm (3/32 in) cold-pressed st


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Model ID 25 Model ID 49 Model ID 41 Elsafe International AS: Email: elsafe@elsafe.com Web: An ASSA ABLOY Group company Your local contact: creativemarketing@liddell.co.uk NEW PRODUCT DA T A PRODUCT DA T A NEW Based upon 20 years of experience New unique anti-theft construction New contemporary styling and colors Easily fits all large-screen laptops Optional power outlet recharges laptops Highly secure using guest’s own code New Elsafe modular reprogrammable software Fast and intuitive security m


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To upgrade, you simply replace the front panel! We’ve achieved our sole objective: Infinity, the world’s most convenient and secure in-room safe system The Elsafe Infinity Collection is a complete and expandable family of hotel in-room safes We’ve designed a safe with everything you need, from in-safe laptop recharging to hand-held security management The Infinity Collection is built to uncompromising construction standards using purpose-designed robotic welding lines and presses. Infinity’s mod

Assa high security lock

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By 1939, ASSA had produced its first cylinder lock and delivered its first 5-pin cylinder master key system seven years later. In 1959, ASSA introduced its first registered key systems with key control. In 1981, ASSA celebrated its 100th anniversary as a company with the release of the ASSA Twin 6000 system, a new cylinder concept utilizing the dual locking mechanisms of today's ASSA cylinders. ASSA, Inc. was originally opened in Naperville, IL as a marketing arm of ASSA AB in Sweden. Incorporat

Assa High Security Deadbolt 6000

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Both V-10 and TE cylinders and keys are patented, protecting them from unauthorized duplication. The V-10 and TE incorporates the same key control, physical security and protection that has made ASSA the leading High Security manufacturer in the world today. ASSA 6000 High Security Deadbolt Features • ASSA UL Listed High Security Cylinders • Patented Key Blanks for Absolute Key Control • 1” Throw Hardened Steel Bolt • Tapered, Free Spinning Wrench Resistant Cylinder Guard Rings • K Aircraf


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A.1, 10/99 SECURITRON MODEL LCP SERIES ELECTRIC LOCK CONTROL PANEL TABLE OF CONTENTS AND GUIDE TO THIS MANUAL The LCP series is a powerful and versatile system with many standard and optional features. You will generally use only some of these features so this table of contents includes a description of the type of application that applies to each different section. By studying it first, you can save considerable time by skipping over those parts of the manual that don't apply. SECTION 1. DESCRI

Assa E5496LN

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FINISHES PVD Lifetime Finish Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a technologically advanced finish coating that provides the ultimate surface protection against environmental elements and everyday wear and tear. PVD matches clear coated finishes in appearance, yet surpasses them in durability. Yale® warrants all its PVD finishes against corrosion, tarnish, wear, discoloration and peeling for the lifetime of the part to which it has been applied. Ask your sales representative for specific warranty

Assa Door Lock

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A.1, 8/01 Page 1 SECURITRON MODEL MUNL-12, MUNL-24 MORTISE UNLATCH INSTALLATION AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 1. DESCRIPTION Securitron’s Mortise UnLatch is a revolutionary new type of electric strike which eliminates the necessity to perform a routing operation on the door frame for installation. The motor driven Mortise UnLatch also presents a fully concealed appearance on the door which not only enhances architectural appeal but improves security over a conventional electric strike as an intrude