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Veuilleznepasretournerleproduitaudetaillant. 1--800--554--6723ENGLISHPleasedonotreturnproducttoretailer. Porfavor,nodevuelvaelproductoallugardecompra. Veuilleznepasretournerleproduitaudetaillant. 1--800--554--6723 Register your product online at: Registre su producto en linea en: Enregistrez votre produit en ligne a l’adresse : Instruction Manual Manual de Instrucciones DonotthrowawayManueld’InstructionsESPANOL IMPORTANT MANUAL - -MANUAL IMPORTANTE - --No lo descarte MANUEL IMPORTANT - --A Conse

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ClutchCoverLowerHoleGuideBarAdjustingPin 12. Install bar nuts and finger tighten only. Once the chain is tensioned, you will need to tighten bar nuts. CHAIN TENSION (Including units with chain already installed) WARNING: Wear protective gloves when handling chain. The chain is sharp and can cut you even when it is not moving. NOTE: When adjusting chain tension, make sure the bar nuts are finger tight only. Attempting to tension the chain when the bar nuts are tight can cause damage. Checking the

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Read the User Manual. Lire le manuel d’utilisation. Lea Manual de Usuario. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Always wear safety goggles or other suitable eye protection. 2. Always wear long pants, shoes and gloves. Do not wear loose clothing, jewelry, short pants, sandals, or go barefoot. 3. Always wear a respirator or face mask when working with the blower in a dusty environment. 4. Always inspect the area before starting the appliance to remove debris and hard or sharp objects that can be blown or cau

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Do not allow unit to be used as a toy or to run unattended at any time. Keep children away. 8. Do not use accessories or attachments except as recommended and provided by McCulloch Corporation. Use this appliance only for its intended use as described in this manual. 9. Never use appliance if the cord or plug has been damaged, the motor or the unit itself is not working as it should, or it has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors or dropped into water. 10. This appliance is provided with double

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Ne jamais rien placer dans les aerations ou les tubes du souffleur. 20. Ne jamais utiliser l’appareil pour repandre des produits chimiques, des engrais ou toute autre substance susceptible de contenir des produits toxiques. Ne pas utiliser cet appareil pour vaporiser des liquides inflammables. 21. Tenir les cheveux, le visage, les doigts et les vetements a l’ecart des ouvertures. 22. Proceder avec precautions lors du balayage de marches d’escalier. 14. No lo use si el interruptor no enciende y a

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3) While tightening the blade assembly can be held fast by inserting a wrench or the screwdriver supplied into the cap and gearcase holes; to do this, rotate the cap until the two holes align. NB. Only use blades or nylon string heads marked with a maximum speed of at least 10.500 min-1. For instructions to replace the nylon string please refer to illustrations N1-5 in the front of this manual. G. ENGINE/SHAFT ASSEMBLY A DANGER. Do not run engine without shaft attached as clutch could fly off. 1

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A blade with worn teeth besides providing poor performance might also generate a sudden thrust. This can result in a violent sideways kick caused when the blade touches against wood or solid bodies, such thrust might then cause the operator to loose control of the machine itself. Never attempt to work with a damaged blade but replace it with a new one. THRUST: can occur when using any type of circular blade within the risk area: therefore it is advisable to cut using the remaining area of the bl

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315.212130 Save this manual for future reference • Safety _IL CAUTION: Read and follow • Features all Safety Rules and Operating • Adjustments Instructions before first use of this product. • Operation • Maintenance Customer Help Line: 1-800-932-3188 • Parts List Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 USA Visit the Craftsman web page: 0( us 972000-905 • Table of Contents ...................................................................................................................

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Not low enough decreases cutting ability. . If cutter teeth have hit hard objects such as nails and stones, or have been abraded by mud or sand on the wood, have service dealer sharpen chain. NOTE: Inspect the drive sprocket for wear or damage when replacing the chain. If signs of wear or damage are present in the areas indicated, have the drive sprocket replaced by a Craftsman Service dealer. How to Sharpen the Cutters See Figures 33 - 34. Be careful to file all cutters to the specified angles

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Always leave a hinge. The hinge guides the tree. If the trunk is completely cut through, control over the felling direction is lost. Before making the WARNING: final cut, always recheck the area for bystanders, animals or obstacles. Insert a wedge or felling lever in the cut well before the tree becomes unstable and starts to move. This will prevent the guidebar from binding in the felling cut if you have misjudged the falling direction. Make sure no bystanders have entered the range of the fall