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4 Start the saw and apply full throttle. Release the throttle control and check that the chain stops and remains stationary. If the chain rotates when the throttle is on idle setting you should check the carburettor idle adjustment. See the section on ”Maintenance”. 3 Chain catcher Check that the CHAIN CATCHER is not damaged and is firmly attached to the body of the saw. 4 Right hand guard Check that the right hand guard is not damaged and that there are no visible defects, such as cracks. 5 Vib

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When the chain is blunt you have to exert more pressure to force the bar through the wood and the cuttings will be very small. If the chain is very blunt it will not produce any cuttings at all, just wood powder. • A sharp chain eats its way through the wood and produces long, thick cuttings. • The cutting part of the chain is called the CUTTING LINK and this consists of a CUTTING TOOTH (A) and the RAKER LIP (B). The cutting depth is determined by the difference in height between the two. • When

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3 You can also use the chain brake as a temporary brake when you change position or if you put the saw down for a short time. You should also apply the chain brake manually if there is a risk of the chain accidentally hitting anyone or anything close by. 4 To release the chain brake pull the front hand guard backwards, towards the front handle. 5 As mentioned in section A, kickback can be very sudden and violent. Most kickbacks are minor and do not always activate the chain brake. If this happen

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•This electric chain saw is designed for use with a 120V AC power supply. Always pull out the plug before fitting any parts or adjusting the saw. •Do not start sawing until a sufficient amount of chain oil has reached the chain. Index Safety Precautions......................................................4-6 General safety................................................................ 7 Introduction............................................................... 8-10 User Explanation...........

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We recommend that you adjust the raker clearance every third time you sharpen the chain. NOTE! This recommendation assumes that the length of the cutting teeth is not reduced excessively. • To adjust the raker clearance you will need a FLAT FILE and a RAKER GAUGE. • Place the gauge over the raker lip. • Place the file over the part of the lip that protrudes through the gauge and file off the excess. The clearance is correct when you no longer feel any resistance as you draw the file over the gau

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• When working at continuous high revs a higher octane rating is recommended. Two-stroke oil • For the best results use JONSERED two-stroke oil, which is especially developed for chain saws. Mixing ratio 1:50 (2%). • Never use two-stroke oil intended for water cooled outboard engines, so-called, outboard oil. • Never use oil intended for four-stroke engines. Gasoline Oil 2%(1:50) Lit. Lit. 5 0,10 10 0,20 15 0,30 20 0,40 US US gallon fl. oz. 1 2 1/2 2 1/2 6 1/2 5 12 7/8 Mixing • Always mix the ga

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This line should be perfectly horizontal and at right angles (90°) to the chosen felling direction. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS We recommend that you use a bar that is longer than the diameter of the tree, so that you can make the FELLING CUT and DIRECTIONAL CUT with single cutting stokes. (See ”Technical data” to find out which lengths of bar are recommended for your saw). There are methods for felling trees with a diameter larger than the bar length. However these methods involve a much greater risk t

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In this case the saw pulls itself towards the tree and the front edge of the saw provides a natural rest when cutting. Cutting on the pull stroke gives you better control over the saw and the position of the kickback zone. 8 Follow the instructions on sharpening and maintaining your bar and chain. When you replace the bar and chain use only combinations that are recommended by us. See the sections on ”Cutting equipment” and ”Technical data”. The risk of kickback is increased if you use the wrong

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Recommended idling speed: 2 700 rpm. Contact your servicing dealer, if the idle speed setting cannot be adjusted so that the chain stops. Do not use the saw until it has been properly adjusted or repaired. Fine adjustment • When the saw has been ”run-in” the carburetor should be finely adjusted. The fine adjustment should be carried out by qualified person. First adjust the L-jet, then the idling screw T and then the H-jet. Conditions • Before any adjustments are made the air filter should be cl

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4 Is there a risk of kickback? 5 Do the conditions and surrounding terrain affect your safety when working? Two factors decide whether the chain will jam or the log will split. The first is how the log is supported and the second is whether it is in tension. In most cases you can avoid these problems by cutting in two stages; from the top and from the bottom of the log. You need to support the log so that it will not trap the chain or split during cutting. ! If the chain jams in the cut: STOP TH