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Be sure to clean the drain tube, drip tray and liner after they have cooled. Ceramic briquettes (on some models) The layer of ceramic briquettes, under the grille racks, will last for many years with proper care. Burned-on food particles and ash can be emptied off the radiant tray when cool by shaking over a waste receptacle. Chipping or cracking of the briquettes may occur as they may get brittle with age, depending on the frequency of use. This is normal and does not affect the performance. Do

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clearance between the cooktop and the bottom of the cabinet when the bottom of the wood or metal cabinet is protected by not less than 1/4" flame retardant millboard covered with not less than No. 28 MSG sheet metal, 0.015" stainless steel, 0.024" aluminum, or 0.020" copper. 30" min. clearance when the cabinet is unprotected. **Note: Minimum cutout depth is increased to 24" with optional backguard. tNote: To avoid cooktop glass breakage for cutout width of more than 30 1/16", make sure appliance

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3 Problem Solver ............................. 21,22 Product Registration ............................. 3 Safety Instructions ........................... /4-7 State of California Water Treatment Device Certificate ............ 26 Warranty .............................. BackCover Care and Cleaning Cleaning-Outside and Inside .................. 13 Light Bulb Replacement ....................... 1/4 Vacation ....................................... Read this manual carefully. It is intended to help y

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Enhanced Dehumidification Moisture removal is an important function of an air conditioner. People are more comfortable at higher temperatures when the humidity level is relatively low. Air conditioners operate with less energy consumption when the room temperatures are set higher. The GE Zoneline® 2900 Series with the Dry Air 25 heat pipe application removes 25% more moisture than the base 2900 Series unit. The GE Zoneline Dry Air 25 chassis is the only PTAC available with the application of the

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Include any cables, etc., which were originally provided with the product. We recommend using the original carton and packing materials. • Include evidence of purchase date such as the bill of sale. Also print your name and address and a description of the defect. Send via standard UPS or its equivalent to: Thomson Consumer Electronics, Inc. 11721 B Alameda Ave. Socorro, Texas 79927 • Pay any charges billed to you by the Exchange Center for service not covered by the warranty. • Insure you

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Only a qualified service agent should perform the L. R conversion. Contact the local gas provider for conversion. An L. R Conversion Kit is supplied with this range and is located on the main back of the range. The kit contains installation instructions which must be read before and followed carefully when installing the kit. Severe electrical shock, or damage to the cooktop, may occur if the cooktop is not converted by a qualified installer or electrician. To avoid serious injury, any !iI......

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Rinse and wipe dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Remove all cleaners orthe porcelain may become damaged during future heating. DO NOT use spray oven cleaners on the cooktop. The holes in the burners of your cooktop must be kept clean at all times for proper ignition and a complete, even flame. Clean the burner holes routinely with a small gauge wire or needle and especially after bad spillovers which could clog these holes. To remove and replace burner units per your model, see instructions

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damage to the cooktop. Wear Proper Apparel--Loose=fitting or hanging,, Never modify or alter the construction of a cooktop by garments should never be worn while using the removing panels, wire covers, or any other part of the appliance. Do not let clothing or other flammable materials product. contact hot surfaces. Stepping or leaning on this cooktop can NEVER use this appliance as a space result in serious injuries and may also cause damage to heater to heat or warm the room. Doing so may resu

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Surface Control knob has not been completely turned to LITE. Push in and turn the Surface Control knob to LITE until burner ignites and then turn control to desired flame size. Be sure gas supply valve is open. Gas-air mixture needs a straight line to travel. Be sure burner is properly seated in its support (models with open burners only). Burner ports or slots are clogged. With the burner off, use a small-gauge wire or needle to clean ports or slots. Power cord is disconnected from outlet (elec

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Burner Cap Burner Extra Large "POWER" Burner Head Left Rear (9,500 (12,200 BTU or )Gas Opening 14,200 BTU) Left Front Center Gas Opening Gas Opening _a nner & Outer Burner Caps I Burner Head (18,000 BTU) Right Front Gas OpeningS/ _, _, _. Right Front Gas Opening Dual Burner _ on Models 790.3248 "_790.3249 only Burner Skirt 36" Models only Burner Cap (Standard) Models only Burner Cap _Burner Head (5,000 BTU) Right Rear Gas Opening Burner Head (16,200 BTU) Right Front Opening Figure 1 Burner G rat