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The ‘Power’ button can also be pressed. 10 11 OPERATING YOUR BREVILLE DIE-CAST HEMISPHERE BLENDER™ OPERATING YOUR BREVILLE DIE-CAST HEMISPHERE BLENDER™ OPERATING YOUR BREVILLE DIE-CAST HEMISPHERE BLENDER™ OPERATING YOUR BREVILLE DIE-CAST HEMISPHERE BLENDER™ 7.At the end of use, always ensure the Breville Die Cast Hemisphere Blender is turned off by pressing the ‘Power’ button on the control panel. Then unplug the cord. Ensure the motor and blades have completely stopped before attempting to move

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Step 6. Ensure the Anti-drip Juice Spout is pushed down into the pouring position. Step 7. Place a suitable sized glass or jug underneath the Juice Spout. ASSEMBLING YOUR BREVILLE 800 CLASS CITRUS PRESS 8 9 OPERATING YOUR BREVILLE 800 CLASS™ CITRUS PRESS OPERATING YOUR BREVILLE 800 CLASS™ CITRUS PRESS Operating Step 1. Ensure the 800 Class Citrus Press is correctly assembled and a glass or jug is placed under the Juice Spout before juicing commences. Step 2. Cut the citrus fruit in half by cutti

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ASSEMBLING YOUR BREVILLE DIE CAST CITRUS PRESS 9 800CPXL_IB_V1.qxd:800CP Book 19/8/09 9:23 AM Page 10 Step 4. Step 5. Insert the Fruit Dome onto the underside of the Note: The Fruit Dome is keyed, and Place the Juicing Cone onto the Drive Shaft Juicing Press Arm by aligning the tab on top of can only be inserted in one way and press down lightly to lock the Cone the Fruit Dome with the hole in the Juicing Press into position. (this will ensure that it does not Arm. Hold onto the Juicing Press Ar

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Cups not preheated The cup warming plate starts to warm up as the machine warms up. Please refer to ‘Pre-warming the cups’ on page 15. Milk not heated enough (if making a cappuccino or latte) When the base of the jug becomes too hot to touch this is when the milk is heated at the correct temperature. Please refer to ‘How to froth milk for a cappuccino or latte on page 17. No crema Coffee is not tamped firmly enough Refer to ‘Tamping the coffee’ on page 14. Coffee grind is too coarse Ensure you u

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• Turn the machine off at the power outlet and unplug the power cord. • Remove the Filter Holder if locked into the Brew Head and move the Steam Wand to the side of the machine. • Remove the Water Tank by pulling with the handle insert in the front of the Espresso Machine. • When the Water Tank is removed, a black tube slides and extends out from the Water Tank storage area. Do not touch or try to remove this tube, it will automatically slide back into position when the Water Tank is reinserted.

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Remove the food using a 9. Use the handle to close the top plate. The the red heating light goes out. plastic spatula. designed to press down evenly on the food. top plate has a floating hinge system that is 7. During this time, prepare the sandwich and The Grilling Height Control on the right hand place it onto the base plate. Always place Note: The red heating light will cycle sandwiches towards the rear of the base thickness of the food. The levelling handle on on and off during the cooking p

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when changing the Maxtra cartridge. Also, ensure that the dispensing nozzle is cleaned regularly. Cleaning Instructions 1. Disconnect the chiller from the electrical socket and drain all the water by unscrewing the drain plug on the bottom of the unit over a sink or large container. 2. When empty of water replace the drain plug. 3. Remove the lid and top up the water tank, leaving the bottom water tank in place. 4. Pour approximately 2 litres of water into the bottom tank, and add a non- taintin

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In the unlikely event of experiencing any difficulties, call: BRITA Customer Careline: 0844 7424800 for expert advice (Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm. Local rates apply) Also remember to REGISTER your chiller online or by the enclosed card QUICK SET-UP GUIDE Detailed instructions are included but for a quick set up, follow these key tips: 1 Before use, make sure water tanks are thoroughly washed and that water is flushed through the entire chiller system (the removable bottom plug will aid this

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• Blend thick mixtures when the blender is . to . full as they will puree more efficiently. • Place liquid ingredients (when using several ingredients) in the blender jug before solid ingredients, unless specified in the recipe. • Stop the blender and scrape down the sides of the blender jug with a plastic or rubber spatula, once or twice while blending thick or dry mixtures. dON’T • Do not use metal utensils as they may damage the blades or blender jug. • Do not put more than 2 cups of ingredie