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The return air slots on the upper side of the appliance are to be sealed e.g. with self-adhesive aluminium foil. See also for exhaust air operation installation. Extraction Mode Important Recirculation Mode Installation Fixing to the cabinet Fixing to the wall Make holes at the bottom of the cabinet using the template supplied. Fit the four 4,2 x 35 screws supplied from inside the cabinet into the holes on the appliance (Fig. 5). — Offer the template to the wall — Make 4 x 8mm 0 holes

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Judge the amount according to the detergent manufacturer’s instructions and size of the load; • the water hardness: the harder the water, the more detergent required. Instructions according to water hardness are given on the detergent pack. Liquid detergent Liquid detergent can be poured directly into the main wash compartment of the dispenser drawer immediately before starting the programme, or a special dispenser can be used that is placed directly in the drum. Measure the detergent according

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If you need assistance, contact our Customer Care Department on 01635 572700 Installation . This hob must be installed by qualified personnel, according to the manufacturer’s instructions and to the relevant British Standards. . Remove all packaging before using the hob. . Ensure that the electrical supply complies with the type stated on the rating plate. . Do not attempt to modify the hob in any way. Child Safety . This hob is designed to be operated by adults. Do not allow children to play ne

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• Garments which have been in contact with flammable solvents should not be machine washed. • Do not use your machine for dry cleaning. • Dyes and bleaching agents may only be used if specifically permitted by the manufacturer of these products. We cannot be held responsible for any damage. • Always unplug the appliance and turn off the water tap after use. 6 132986190.qxd 16/02/2005 11:56 Pagina 7 Disposal Packaging materials The materials marked with the symbol are recyclable. >PE<=polyethylen

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Прежде всего необходимо обратить внимание на указания раздела “Правила по технике безопасности”, приведенные на первых страницах. Просим Вас сохранить данную “Инструкцию” для того, чтобы в дальнейшем к ней при необходимости обращаться. Если прибор перейдет к другому хозяину, передайте ему, пожалуйста, также и эту “Инструкцию”. /?\ При помощи предупреждающего треугольника и/или посредством предупреждающих терминов (Внимание! Важно!) подчеркивается особо важная информация для Вашей безопасности и

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The cycle is performed up to 40°C max. and ends with a short spin. This programme allows you to rinse separately items which have been washed by hand. The rinse cycle for cottons ends with a long spin, the rinse cycle for easy cares, delicates and wool with the water in the drum. This programme is for garments which have just been washed and need softening. Pour the liquid additive into the dispenser compartment marked with the £$3 symbol. Water may be pumped out at the end of a programme, w

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To interrupt the Intensive speed, press button A or B. H: Light on/off. Should the hood or the controls fail to operate: disconnect the power supply for at least 5 seconds, then turn the hood back on again. Correct ventilation If the cooker hood is to work correctly there must be an underpressure in the kitchen. It is important to keep the kitchen windows closed and have a window in an adjacent room open. Important to know Not applicable for recirculation. Great care must be taken if the hood is

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15) After 30 operating hours the letter (F- grease filters) will flash on and off on the display (D) in alternation with the fan speed setting. [ D I o ■ i [j SB 115 I This means that the metal grease filters need to be cleaned! (This operation should be carried out every 30 operating hours!) Proceed as follows to remove and clean the metal filters: Switch of the fan motor by pressing the [o] button. Take the precaution of removing my cartridge fuses from their fuse holders or tripping

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Make sure that the power plug is not squashed or damaged by the back of the fridge/freezer. -A damaged power plug may overheat and cause a fire. Do not place heavy articles or the fridge/freezer itself on the power cord. -There is a risk of a short circuit and fire. Do not remove the power cord by pulling on its lead, particularly when the fridge/freezer is being pulled out of its niche. -Damage to the cord may cause a short-circuit, fire and/or electric shock. -If the power cord is damaged, it

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Manchester SK4 1QR Tel: 061 487 2205 43 Servicing ■ PROBLEM • CAUSE ► SOLUTION ■ THE MACHINE DOES • A drying programme ► Select a drying NOT DRY has not been selected programme • The cold water tap is ► Turn the tap on not on • The drainage filter is ► Clean the filter {see clogged page 35) • The machine is ► Reduce the load overloaded • The drying time is not ► Refer to the programme adequate chart and set the correct time (see pages 19-20) ■ THE DOOR DOES NOT • T