Stiga JB 55

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2.5 MAINTENANCE • Carry out maintenance regularly. All nuts and bolts should always be tight. • Only use genuine spare parts which are in good condition. Spare parts must not be repaired. They must be replaced if they are defective. Poor quality spare parts can lead to personal injury. If the muffler is damaged it must be replaced. • The engine must be stopped and the spark plug lead disconnected in the following circumstances: When adjusting the rotors. When the machine is to be cleaned or repa

Stiga ES 1850

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CHAIN SAWS ES 1850 ♦ Basic chain saw for the DIY user. ♦ Same chain saw as ES 1600 but with higher power (1800W). ♦ 35 cm (14") quality bar and chain from Oregon. ♦ Mechanical chain brake. ♦ Automatic chain lubrication. ♦ Large chain protection cover for right hand. ♦ Chain oil level indicator. 15-3217-11 ES 1850 (15-3217-11) MOTOR Brand Electric 230 V Power 1800 W Speed 9 m/s Safety brake Handle brake Overload protection Yes CUTTING SYSTEM Length of blade 35 cm (14) VIBRATI

Stiga ES 1800 PRO

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CHAIN SAW ES 1800 PRO Stiga ES 1800 ES Pro Electric chain saw Semi professional saw for heavy use 40 cm quality bar from Oregon Inertia brake and mechanical chain brake 3-point safety switch Automatic chain lubrication MOWING AHEAD 15-3218-11 ES 1800 PRO ( 15-3218-11 ) MOTOR Brand Electric 230 V Power 1800 W Speed 11 m/s Safety break Handle brake+Inertia brake Overload protection Yes Length of blade 40 cm Type of switch 3-step safety switch COLOUR & MATERIAL Colour of chassis


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5.4.1 Starting the engine from cold, Snow Rex 1. Fill the fuel tank with petrol. See previous section. 2. Check that the auger drive lever (9:M) is disconnected. 3. Activate the choke (9:R). 4. Set the stop control (9:N) in the ON position. 5. Press in the primer (6, 9:O) as follows: Above 10°C: Do not press. Between -10 and +10°C: Press twice. Below -10°C: Press 4 times. Lift your finger from the primer between each press. 7. Manual starter: Pull sharply on the recoil starter cord’shandle (9:Q)


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Lubriplate. 8 SERVICE AND REPAIRS 8.1 Adjusting cable (Breeze) The auger drive lever’s cable is adjusted at the factory. Any adjustment is carried out as follows: 1. Unhook the cable at the auger drive lever (5:M). 2. Remove the casing and disconnect the cable from the appropriate hole in the plate. See figure 12. 3. Reinstall the cable in the new hole as required. Replace the casing, hook the cable onto the auger drive lever. ENGLISHEN ENGLISHEN 4. Start the snow thrower and check operation. Th

Stiga COMPACT LINE 8218-2218-70

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Connector (3) – For electrical connection. Cable support (4) – For supporting the connection cable. Deflector lock (5) – Locks the deflector in position. Direction lever (6)– Changes the direction of the discharge chute. Discharge chute (A) – Ejects the snow. Deflector (B) – Determines the distance the snow is thrown. 5 USING THE MACHINE 5.1 GENERAL Never start the engine until all the above measures under ‘ASSEMBLY’ have been carried out. Never use the snow thrower without first reading and und

Stiga COMBI 110

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Three blades are free rotating with Multiclip function to cut the grass finely for fertilizing. The deck can without any tools be changed into a rear-discharge deck. The deck cuts with excellent result. The deck is extremely sturdy with a solid frame around as protection. The deck adjusts up and down while the frame stays in the same position. Equipped with professional bearing boxes. Pivot wheels make steering in sharp bends easier. The deck can be raised and angled into a cleaning position wi


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The model can also supply other needs. When you need to work through really high grass you just drive without the collector. Equipped with the new STIGA SV 40 engine that has a genuine float carburettor, which makes it extremely easy to start. And a balanced crankshaft that gives lower vibrations and a longer life. The standard is very high regarding performance and environment friendly features. Cutting width is 45 cm. COLLECTOR 46 S COMBI February 1, 2008 24-3834-24 ✓TIGK Collector 46


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mission Friction disc Blocage de différentiel Differential on driving axle Nombre de rapports 6 forward, 2 reverse ROUES Type de roues Maxi-grip tyres Dimension de roues 40 x 17 cm Roulements Ball bearings Chaînes de roues Accessory VIBRATIONS & NIVEAU DE BRUIT Niveau de puissance accoustique 108 dB(A) Vibrations 10,5 m/s2 COMMANDES Démarrage électrique Yes, 230 V Phare Integrated halogen light Guidon Yes Starter Manual Type de contacteur Plastic key Levier d'accélérateur Yes

Stiga CHASSE-NEIGE 18-2862-26

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Equipped with a powerful dual-stage system. The snow is first collected with a saw-toothed spiral and then practically ejected about 12 metres with a fan. The machine is designed for users with high demands. The machine has electric start, integrated halogen light, differential and fuel gauge. Direction and height of ejector is quickly adjusted from the handle. The comfortable handle can be operated with one hand only. Snow chains are available as accessory. Equipped with a low-vibrating 13,0