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• Never use the appliance if it is not working properly or if it has been dropped (non-visible damage may make the appliance unsafe). • When the appliance is in use, the clippers must not come into contact with eyelashes, hair, clothing or any other objects, in order to avoid any injury risk or jamming. • Always keep the appliance out of the reach of children. Do not use the appliance: on your face, on broken or irritated skin, if you suffer from dermatological conditions : eczema, varicose vein

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION 1. Handle Accessories: 2. On/Off switch (1-0) 3. “Power on” light 4. Accessory locking – and unlocking – ring 5. Swivel power lead 6. Styling iron (16 mm diameter) 7. Brush 8. Spiral curling iron (14 mm diameter) 9. Flat curling iron 10. Extra-wide curling iron 11. Crimper 12. Crimping plates 13. Straightening plates 14. Storage case 1 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 12 14 234 2. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS •The appliance’s accessories become very hot during use. Avoid contact with the skin. Make


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• Gently brush the area to be steamed with the grain or nap of the fabric. Be sure unit is unplugged and completely cool before attaching accessories. • Remove the upholstery brush once unit is unplugged and completely cool. Remove it by pressing on the tab on top of brush while pulling it forward. Fabric brush* Be sure unit is unplugged and completely cool before attaching accessories. The fabric brush opens weave of the fabrics for better steam penetration. • Attach the fabric brush to the ste

Rowenta EP304

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The roller beads massage the skin to reduce the sensation of pain linked to depilation. gb ifffi 1 4 3 2 2 - SAFETY Voltage : Ensure that this voltage corresponds to that of your mains supply. Incorrect connection may cause irreparable damage which is not covered by the guarantee. • This appliance is intended for personal domestic use only. • It must only be used with the enclosed adaptor EM2A1 or EM2A2. • Never use if the appliance (depilator or adaptor) is damaged or in the event

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Please read carefully the instructions for use and the Safety Points to Note. Pay particular attention to the fold-out page with the illustrations. Lire attentivement le mode d’emploi (et le conserver pour pouvoir le consulter). Pendant la lecture, deplier la page avec les illustrations. Leggere atteritamente le presenti istruzioni per l’uso e le norme di sicurezza. Osservare la figura sui risvolli illustrati. Lea en su totalidad el modo de empleo, conservandolo para consultas posteriores. Para

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Move the steam control to steam position after approx. 1 minute. Plug in the iron and allow the iron to heat up again. Wait until the remaining water has evaporated. Unplug from the mains and allow the iron to fully cool down. USE 4 • Filling the water tank IMPORTANT Before filling the water tank, unplug the iron and set the steam control to dry position . Tilt the iron. Open the filling inlet (fig.6). Pour in water up to the max mark (fig.7). Close the filler inlet (fig.8) and return the iron t

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1 fig. 2 fig. 3 fig. 4 fig. 5 fig. 6 fig. 7 fig. 8 NO OK fig. 9 AUTO-OFF AUTO-OFF NO OK fig. 10 fig. 11 fig. 12 fig. 13 fig. 14 fig. 15 fig. 16 fig. 17 fig. 18 fig. 19 NO fig. 20 З праски витiкає вода. Занадто часте натискання кнопки парового удару. Робiть бiльшi iнтервали мiж натисканнями кнопки. Використовується дистильована/демiнералiзов ана або пом’якшена вода. Використовуйте тiльки необроблену воду з-пiд крана або наполовину розводьте воду з-пiд крана дистильованою/ демiнералiзованою водою.

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Set the temperature for the type of material to be ironed. Anti Calc System Minerals in water can build up in the steam chamber. The Anti Calc system contains a special resin that neutralizes the harmful minerals. This system is designed to extend and maintain the high steam performance of the iron. The cartridge is not replaceable. Note: Do not use descaling agents in your iron. Anti-Drip System In order to produce steam, all irons require a high temperature. If the soleplate is not hot enough

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• To protect against a risk of electric shock, do not immerse the iron in water or other liquids. • The iron should always be turned to Minimum (Min) before plugging or unplugging from outlet. Never yank cord to disconnect from outlet, instead grasp plug and pull to disconnect. • Do not allow cord to touch hot surfaces. Let iron cool completely before putting away. Loop cord loosely around iron when storing. • Always disconnect iron from electrical outlet when filling iron with water, emptying i

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Temperaturregler: Thermostat C. Schutzhaube fur Schalter D. Kontrollampe Funktion „Strahler“ A. Selettore delle funzioni B. Manopola per la regolazione della tem- peratura : Termostato C. Copertura di protezione dei comandi D. Spia funzione radiante A. Function selection button B. Temperature adjustment button: thermostat C. Control protection cover D.“Radiant” function indicator light A B E M 3 4 5 6 J. Lufteintrittsgitter K. Luftaustrittsgitter L. Griffe M. Geratefu.e N. Kabelaufwickler O. Kab