Peavey Vintage

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Experimentation with, the unique middle circuit will show that it is much more effective than conventional circuits. (8) The treble control varies the high end response of the amplifier. (9) The reverb control determines the amount of delayed signal (reverb) blended into the output. This circuit is able to produce tremendous sustain and clarity by properly damping the driver coils of the reverb unit. The reverb is effective in BOTH channels. (10) The master volume control is very useful for o

Peavey Ultraverb II

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In addition to synthesizing mono and stereo reverberant spaces, from tiny bathrooms to huge cathedrals (and beyond), the Ultraverb II includes a new family of effects—stereo delay, chorus/flange, tapped echoes, dual band parametric equalization, and "exciter.” Several of these are available simultaneously for even greater flexibility. These various combinations of effects are called multieffect algorithms (a typical example is Pre-delay-> Reverb -> Chorus -> Tapped Echo, which can add a great d

Peavey Tube Fex None

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This adjustment should be used whenever possible to set string height rather than the bridge-height adjustment (refer to Figure 5). 1. Relieve string tension slightly by detuning the instrument (approximately 1-2 whole steps). 2. Loosen two neck screws (closest to the headstock) approximately 1 turn. 3. Loosen remaining two neck screws (closest to the bridge) approximately 2 turns. 4. String height may now be adjusted with the neck-liIt screw, which is located inside the fifth hole in the ne

Peavey Triumph PAG 60

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c -1- * ■ t v c: / EQUALIZATION ^ y— CRUNCH GAIN—1 /—ULTRA GAIN—\ REVERB MASTER 7 . STANDBY POWER Jnumph ? -f- ? -f~ t PAG- 60 * ADJUST TO TASTE GAIN SWITCH OUT ADJUST TO TASTE COUNTRY CLEAN COUNTRY/ROCK LEAD MILD RHYTHM DISTORTION Tone settings given are general and will vary according to type of guitar, type and gauges of strings, type of pickup and even type of pick Personal taste, playing style and type of music greatly contribute to desired tonality. BLOCK DIAGRAM ftSn_ PUSH®.» SWIT

Peavey Triumph PAG 120

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If remote selection is desired, the channel switch must be in the “in” (Ultra) position. LOW, MID, & HIGH EQ (6) Passive tone controls that regulate the low, mid and high frequencies, respectively. PRE GAIN (7) Controls the input volume level of the channel. POST GAIN (8) Controls the overall volume level of the channel. The final level adjustment should be made after the desired sound has been achieved. ULTRA GAIN SWITCH (9) Boosts the overall system gain of the Ultra channel. Depress t

Peavey TRIUMPH 60/120

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\ KHz, 120 Vac line) 65 W RMS into 8 or 4 ohms (Bias must be reduced to measure) FREQUENCY RESPONSE: +0. -2 dB 50 Hz to 20 kHz @ 50 W RMS into 8 ohms HUM & NOISE: Greater than 83 dB below rated power HUM BALANCE CONTROL: Adjust for minimum hum @ max gain POWER CONSUMPTION: 200 Watts, 50/60 Hz. 120 Vac (Domestic) PREAMP SECTION: 3- 12AX7S. 1 - 12AT7 The following specs are measured <§> 1 kHz with the controls preset as follows: Low & High EQ @ 10, Mid EQ @ 0, Presence @ 0 Ultra & Crunch

Peavey Triple XXX 112/212 Combo

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Rotating this control clockwise will increase the amount of preamp distortion and sustain. (10) CHANNEL ACTIVATION LEDs These indicators signify which channel is active. Ultra channel activation illuminates the red LED; Crunch channel activation illuminates the yellow LED; and Clean channel activation illuminates the green LED. (11) TREBLE This passive control regulates the high frequencies for the Clean channel. (12) MID This passive control regulates the mid frequencies for the Clean cha

Peavey Triple 40/EFX

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(21) STANDBY SWITCH This two-way toggle switch allows the amp to be placed in the STANDBY mode. In the STANDBY position the tubes stay hot but the amplifier is not operational. Switching to the ON position places the amp in active mode. This switch should be turned on a few minutes after the power switch in order to warm up the tubes. (22) POWER SWITCH This two-way toggle switch applies mains power to the unit. The red power status lamp (20) will illuminate when this switch is in the ON position

Peavey Transtube 9/0180305014

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Intended to alert the user of the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the product. CAUTION: Risk of electrical shock — DO NOT OPEN! CAUTION: To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove cover. No user serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. WARNING: To prevent electrical shock or fire hazard, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture. Before using this appliance, read the operating

Peavey Transtube 112/212 EFX

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One of the ACTIVE CHANNEL LEDs (6) will illuminate to indicate that the unit is on. Pressing the lower portion of the switch turns the unit off. BACK PANEL Due to differences in the layout and features of the back panel, both the 112 and 212 back panels are presented. Refer to the illustration that identifies your model. 112 EFX 19 18 2021 22 212 EFX 19 23 20 24 25 26 2722 (19) IEC CONNECTOR This is a standard IEC power connector. An AC mains cord having the appropriate AC plug and ratings for t