Metabo Angle Grinders

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Optimum cooling An improved sonically balanced fan coupled with better venting and more efficient internal ducting channels have resulted in a 10-15% increase* in air flow over the motor. As a result, these new grinders can work harder for longer; performance and durability are increased. (* dependant on model) Ergonomic design The ergonomic housing design and its pronounced necking provides a secure grip for every application. Metabo S-automatic torque limiting clutch Prevents sudden reverse ki

Metabo 900 DP

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Replace shroud, making sure it is correctly fitted as otherwise the trigger switch will not work. 7 Principal Machine Components Choke Torch lead connector Transformer Solenoid valve Rotary step switch Rectifier bank (behind PCB) Electronic controls Fan Pilot resistor Earth cable socket Main contactor Pic. 7 - Components models 600, 900 and 1200 DP 16 Pic. 8 - Components Plasma 1204 DP Pic. 9 - Components Plasma 1204 DP Fan Transformer Pilot resistor Rotary step switch Choke Recti

Metabo 600 DP

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Description 600 DP A 80 Stock-No. 900 DP A 90 Stock-No. 1200/1204 DP A 120 Stock.no 1200/1204 DP P 140 Stock.no. 1 Torch body 132 762 4462 132 714 3634 132 714 3642 132 714 3650 2 O-ring 132 718 0807 132 714 3669 132 714 3669 132 714 3669 3 O-ring 132 714 3677 132 714 3677 132 714 3685 4 Plasma electrode 132 718 0785 132 714 3693 132 714 3693 132 714 3693 5 Air regulator ring, brown 132 718 0793 132 714 3707 132 714 3707 312 714 3707 6 Tip 0 1.0 132 718 0777 Tip 0 1.1 40-60 amp 13

Metabo 400 SEK/WX

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The power cable is factory installed , in which order phases are connected is irrelevant and does not affect the direction of rotation of cooling fan and coolant pump. Important: Be sure that water cooling unit is filled with coolant before switching machine on. 4.1 MIG/MAG Welding For setting of MIG/MAG welding parameters with the MWS Control see 3.3 above. 4.1.0 Standard Values for MIG/MAG Welding Current Selection 1. MIG welding of butt welds on unalloyed and low-alloy steels Material t

Metabo 400 SEK/W

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115 117 8541 Contents 1.0 Machine Conception 4.0 General Instructions for Machine Start-Up 1.1 Scope of Application 4.1 MIG/MAG Welding 1.2 Important Information 4.2 MIG/MAG Welding with Separate Wire Feed 1.3 System Component Combinations 4.3 TIG Welding 1.4 Specifications 4.4 MANUAL ARC Welding 2.0 Description 5.0 Safety Precautions/Accident Prevention 2.1 Panel Controls 5.1 Overloads/Low Voltage 3.0 MWS Multi-Function Control Description/Instructions 6.0 Service and Maintenance 3

Metabo 170-230

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Attention! Priere de lire attentivement la presente notice avant l'installation et la mise en service. Attentie! Lees deze instructies voor de installatie en ingebruikname aandachtig door. D NL F GB GB GB Contents 1 Specifications 2 Regulations for the Prevention of Accidents 2.1 Welding Output 3 Operation 4 Installing the Wire Spool 5 Welding Stainless Steel and Aluminium 6 Practical Hints for MIG Welding 7 Maintenance 8 Trouble Shooting 9 Spare Parts List and Accessoires User Responsibility Th

Metabo 170 - 230 Amp Models

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Metabo 1204 DP

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This plasma beam quickly vaporizes metal and its high kinetic energy effectively ejects the melted material from the kerf. 5.1 Pilot Arc The pilot arc makes cutting painted or coated material simple, without the need to clean the surface for good electrical conduction. The pilot arc is ignited between the torch's electrode and the cutting tip by high frequency. The cooling gas blows the pilot arc from the tip as a needle-shaped flame, which burns through the paint or coating. The main arc can

Metabo 1200 DP

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Use of respiratory equipment is recommended. Eye Protection The brass crown sufficiently screens off direct ultra-violet rays, so protective eyewear with lenses and side shields shade A6 is sufficient protection. This also applies when cutting with the torch directly on the work. When preparing weld edges and gouging the eyes are directly exposed to ultra-violet rays. For this type of work wearing a welding helmet with lenses shade A9 is strongly recommended. 12 Fire Prevention Hot slag or