Lincoln CAN-F30

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Section III - Hazardous Ingredients (1) I M P O R T A N T ! This section covers the materials from which this product is manufactured. The fumes and gases produced during welding with the normal use of this product are covered by Section VII; see it for industrial hygiene information. CAS Number shown is representative for the ingredients listed. (1) The term “hazardous” in “Hazardous Ingredients” should be interpreted as a term required and defined in the Hazardous Products Act and does not nec


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After the battery is charged, reconnect the positive battery cable first and the negative cable last. Failure to do so can result in damage to the internal charger components. Follow the instructions of the battery charger manufacturer for proper charger settings and charging time. SERVICING MUFFLER WITH INTERNAL SPARK ARRESTOR Clean every 100 hours. Remove screw plug on muffler body and either vacuum out OR shake out until clean. WARNING • MUFFLER MAY bE HOT • ALLOW ENGINE TO COOL bEFORE INSTAL

Lincoln AC/DC 225

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Select simple tapped voltage control on the Power MIG® 180T for basic welding jobs or continuous voltage control on the Power MIG® 180C for more critical projects where precise adjustment is required Unit Includes:• Magnum 100L welding gun (K530-6). • Six spare contact tips. • Gas and gasless nozzles. • Work cable and work clamp. • Adjustable gas regulator and hose (for argon & Ar-blend gases). •.025 and .035 smooth drive rolls. •.030-.045 knurled drive roll. •.025-.035 and .045 wire guides. • 2

Lincoln AC/DC 125

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Features: • Easy Installation • Input power cable and plug included Easy to Operate • Electrode holder and cable, work clamp and cable, sample electrodes, welding helmet and welder's guidebook all included • Easy to use controls •Convenient size to allow easy storage and handling • 3 year warranty including parts and labor • Output: 170 amps, 25 volts, 20% duty cycle • Amp Range: 40-225 • Size: 15.2”h X 14”w X 13.5”d • Weight: 86 lbs. • CSA approved • UL listed • Powder Paint Finish for increase

Lincoln AC-225C

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Handles flux-cored welds on mild steel with ease. Practically everything you need to MIG weld mild steel is right in the box. Unit includes: • 4-Step Tap voltage control • Magnum® 100L welding gun and 10ft. (3m) cable assembly, with gas nozzle, .023” - .035” (0.6–0.9mm) cable liner and .023/.025” (0.6mm) contact tip • 10ft. work cable & work clamp • 6 ft input power cord with NEMA Type 5-15P plug • Guide tubes and reversible drive roll for .023-.035" solid MIG wire and .035" Innershield® flux-co

Lincoln 60

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and thoughtful operation on your part. DO NOT INSTALL, OPERATE OR REPAIR THIS EQUIPMENT WITHOUT READING THIS MANUAL AND THE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS CONTAINED THROUGHOUT. And, most importantly, think before you act and be careful. (button) (Stamp comment Rita Wood 07.06.2002 16:27:39 blank) R OPERATOR’S MANUAL World's Leader in Welding and Cutting Products Premier Manufacturer of Industrial Motors • Sales and Service through Subsidiaries and Distributors Worldwide • Cleveland, Ohio 44117-1199 U.S.A. T

Lincoln 1629-000-A

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B. To adjust the temperature offset, access the OFFSET display in the Sub Set Point Menu. If cavity temperature is above the set temperature, decrease (down button) the offset value. If cavity temperature is below the set temperature, increase (up button) the offset value. The amount of offset needed should be the difference between the cavity temp. and the set temp. Allow oven to reach set temp. and verify cavity temperature. Readjust offset as necessary. C. HI TEMP and LOW TEMP are not normall

Lincoln 1628-000-A

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Terminals are normally closed. If open, reset and test for proper operation. If thermostat will not hold, and the control box temperature is not exceeding 140°F (60°C), replace thermostat. Relay, oven control Check for line voltage to the relay coil. If voltage is not present, trace wiring back to the hi-limit thermostat. If voltage is present, check to insure contacts are closing. Replace relay as needed. Control transformer Check for line voltage supply to the primary of the control transforme

Lincoln 1621-000-EA

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E. Reassemble in reverse order and check system operation. MAIN FAN MOTOR – REPLACEMENT A. Shut off power at main breaker. B. Shut off gas supply and remove gas line and manifold lines from back of oven. C. Remove screws from motor cover housing and lift off. NOTE: When ovens are stacked, all motor cover housings are fastened together. D. Unplug power connector. E. Unplug thermocouple. F. Unplug 2 motor connectors. G. Remove 8 bolts from oven back ( 4 left, 4 right ) and lift out. H. Remove 1 sc

Lincoln 1455-000-E

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Remove conveyor from oven and place on flat work surface. 2. Remove connecting links from conveyor belt. See Installation and operations manual. 3. Remove conveyor belt from conveyor. Remove drive sprocket from drive shaft if required. 4. Move shaft toward end of conveyor, and shaft with bearings will now slip out of holding bracket. 5. Replace bearing and reassemble in reverse order. HEAT CONTACTOR – REPLACEMENT 1. Shut off power at main breaker. 2. Remove control box cover and front panel. 3.