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Never pull water supply hose to move pressure washer. This could damage hose and/or pump inlet. DO NOT use hot water, use cold water only. Never turn water supply off while pressure washer engine is running or damage to pump will result. DO NOT stop spraying water for more than two minutes at a time. Pump operates in bypass mode when spray gun trigger is not pressed. If pump is left in bypass mode for more than two minutes internal components of the pump can be damaged. If you do not understand

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Turn the turret to the desired nozzle. 3. Pull quick connect coupler back and place nozzle into quick connect coupler. 3. Push quick connect coupler over nozzle to secure in place. HOW TO SIPHON CHEMICALS/CLEANING SOLVENTS Siphoning chemicals or cleaning solvents is a low pressure operation. NOTE: Use only soaps and chemicals designed for pressure washer use. Do not use bleach. To siphon chemicals: 1. Press chemical hose onto barbed fitting located near high pressure hose connection of pump as s

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Quick Connect Spray Wand: Allows the user to quickly change out high- pressure nozzles. See How To Use Spray Wand instructions in this section. Chemical Hose (not shown): Feeds cleaning agents into the pump to mix with the water. See How To Apply Chemicals/Cleaning Solvents instructions in this section. BASIC ELEMENTS OF AN ENGINE Refer to the engine manual for location and operation of engine controls. Choke Control: Opens and closes carburetor choke valve. Throttle Control Lever: Controls engi

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When there is a steady stream of water present, turn water source off. Reconnect water source to pump inlet and turn on water source. Squeeze trigger to remove remaining air. 8. Move choke to the "No Choke" position. 9. Move throttle control lever to the "Fast" position. 10. Use high pressure hose under 100 feet. Will not draw chemicals 7. Chemical build up in chemical injector. 1. Wand not in low pressure. 2. Chemical filter clogged. 3. Chemical screen not in chemical 4. Chemical adjustment kno

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or death to you or others. • Become familiar with the operation and controls of the pressure washer. • Keep operating area clear of all persons, pets, and obstacles. • Do not operate the product when fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Stay alert at all times. • Never defeat the safety features of this product. • Do not operate machine with missing, broken, or unauthorized parts. • Never leave wand unattended while unit is running. • If proper starting procedure is • If engine d

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x x DAPC (radial) ** none n/a n/a n/a Cat 30W non detergent red dot on sight glass x x * If unable to find use 30 W non detergent ** This pump requires no oil, it is an oilfree pump NOZZLE CLEANING If the nozzle becomes clogged with foreign materials, such as dirt, excessive pressure may develop. If the nozzle becomes partially clogged or restricted, the pump pressure will pulsate. Clean the nozzle immediately using the nozzle kit supplied and the following instructions: Multi-Reg (PCV2021): 1.

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. Before spraying, check the item to be cleaned to assure yourself that it is strong enough to resist damage from the force of the spray. Avoid the use of the concentrated spray stream except for very strong surfaces like concrete and steel. Operating without flow of water will result in equipment damage. Operating the pressure washer with water supply shutoff will void your warranty. You should never run this pressure washer for more than 2 minutes without pulling the trigger to allow cool wate

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4. Detachez la lance du pistolet. 5. Retirez la buse a haute pression de la lance. Retirez toute obstruction a l'aide de l'outil de nettoyage de buse fourni et rincez a l'eau propre. 6. Dirigez la source d'eau dans la buse et rincez les particules liberees pendant 30 secondes. 7. Reassemblez la buse sur la lance. 8. Attachez la lance au pistolet et ouvrez le robinet de la source d'eau. 9. Branchez l'appareil dans une prise de courant appropriee. 10. Demarrez la laveuse a pression et reglez la la

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1 YEAR -Limited warranty on pressure washers used in consumer applications (i.e. personal residential household usage only). 90 DAY -Pressure washers used for commercial applications (income producing) and service parts. 1 YEAR -Limited warranty on all accessories. Porter-Cable will repair or replace, at Porter-Cable's option, products or components which have failed within the warranty period. Service will be scheduled according to the normal work flow and business hours at the service center l

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. . . . . . . Bruksanvisning side 155 Reservedelsliste side 242 Bruksanvisning sid 177 Reservdelslista sid 242 Kayttoohje Sivu 199 Varaosaluettelo Sivu 242 Uputstvo za upotrebu Strana 221 Popis rezervnih dijelova Strana 242 Hrvatski KMR 1550 B Operating instructions for users English Contents For your safety ................................................................. 24 On behalf of the environment ......................................... 25 Intended applications ......................