Hoshizaki AM-150BAF

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3). Handle the icemaker carefully not to damage the exterior. 4. ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS WARNING THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE GROUNDED. This icemaker requires a ground that meets the national and local electrical code requirements. To prevent possible severe electrical shock injury to individuals or extensive damage to equipment, install a proper ground wire to this icemaker. Remove the plug from the mains socket before any maintenance, repairs or cleaning is undertaken. * This icemaker must be plugged

Hoshizaki AM-100BAE

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20, 2005 HOSHIZAKI SELF-CONTAINED CUBER MODEL AM-100BAE AM-150BAF AM-150BWF INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOREWORD Only qualified service technicians should attempt to install, service or maintain this icemaker. No such installation, service or maintenance should be undertaken until the technician has thoroughly read this Instruction Manual. Likewise, the owner/ manager should not proceed to operate the icemaker until the installer has instructed them on its proper operation. IMPORTANT HOSHIZAKI provides t