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When adding gas to the pressure washer, make sure the unit is sitting on a flat, level surface. If the engine is hot, let the pressure washer cool before adding gas. ALWAYS fill the fuel tank outdoors with the machine turned off. NOTE: Use unleaded gas only. DO NOT mix lubricant with gas. n Before removing the fuel cap, clean the area around it. Remove the fuel cap. n Insert a clean funnel into the fuel tank then slowly pour gasoline into the tank. Fill tank to approximately 1-1/2 in. below the

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This secures the spray wand in place. CONNECTING HIGH PRESSURE HOSE TO TRIGGER HANDLE See Figure 6. n Screw the collar on the high pressure hose into the trigger handle inlet coupler by turning the hose collar clockwise. n Pull on the hose to be certain it is properly secured. ATTACHING INJECTION HOSE See Figure 7. Before detergent can be used with this machine, the injection hose must be attached. n Push the injection hose filter onto the end of the injection hose (if not already installed). n

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3 Fig. 2 Fig. 4 B C A D E C A D B A B A - Handle spacers (espaceurs de la poignee, espaciadors de la mango) B - Handlebar (poignee du guidon, mango) C - Handle knob (verrou de la poignee, perilla del mango) D - Acorn nut (ecrou borgne, tuerca ciega) E - Handle bolts retracted until flush with spacer (boulons de poignee rentre a affleurement avec espaceur, pernos del mango retraidos hasta alinearse con el espaciador) A -Phillips screwdriver (tournevis phillips, destornillador phillips) B - Adjust

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Check the air filter monthly. For best performance, replace the air filter at least once a year. n Unscrew air filter knob, then remove the air filter cover. n Lift the edge of the air filter carefully and pull it out. n Wash the air filter with warm, soapy water. n Rinse and squeeze to dry. n Reinstall the air filter. NOTE: Make sure the filter is seated properly inside the cover. Installing the filter incorrectly will allow dirt to enter the engine, causing rapid engine wear. n Reinstall the a

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20 hrs. 50 hrs. 100 hrs. 300 hrs. Clean engine & check bolts & nuts X X Check engine oil X Change engine oil* X Clean spark plug X Clean air cleaner X X Replace air cleaner element X Clean & adjust spark plug & electrodes X Replace spark plug X Remove carbon from cylinder head** X Check & adjust valve clearance** X * Initial oil change should be performed after the first 20 hours of operation. Do not pour old oil down sewage drains, into garden soil, or into open streams. Your local zoning or en

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. After ensuring the switch is in the OFF position, connect the pressure washer to the power supply. . Press the reset button on the pressure washer’s plug to make sure the unit is ready for operation. . Press ON ( I ) on the switch to start the motor. . To stop the motor, release the trigger and press OFF ( O ) on the switch. WARNING: Hold the handle and wand securely with both hands. Expect the trigger handle to move when the trigger is pulled due to reaction forces. Failure to do so could cau

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Failure to do so could result in objects being thrown into your eyes resulting in possible serious injury. WARNING: Do not use any attachments or accessories not recommended by the manufacturer of this product. The use of attachments or accessories not recommended can result in serious personal injury. WARNING: Never direct a water stream toward people or pets, or any electrical device. Failure to heed this warning could result in serious injury. APPLICATIONS You may use this product for the pur

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LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS: This Limited Warranty shall not apply to: 1. Bent or broken crankshaft or resultant damage caused by vibration related to a bent or broken crankshaft Also, damage caused by loose engine mounting bolts or improper or imbalanced accessories or blades mounted to the crankshaft. 2. Repairs required because of prolonged storage including damage caused by old or contaminated fuel in the fuel tank, fuel lines, or carburetor, sticky valves or corrosion and rust of engine part

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9 Fig. 15 Fig. 12 B C A B A C B A A - Trigger (gachette, gatillo) B - Slot (fente, ranura) C - Lock Out (bouton de verrouillage, seguro) A - Fuel Valve (robinet de carburant, valvula de combustible) B - ON position (marche, encendido) C - OFF position (arret, apagado) Fig. 16 A - Water intake (rise d’eau, entrada de agua) B - Garden hose (tuyau d’arrosage, manguera de jardin) Fig. 13 F 25 Fig. 10 A B E C C B A G A - Choke lever (levier d’etrangleur, palanca del anegador) B - OFF (RUN) position (

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. Keep guards in place and in working order. Never operate the tool with any guard or cover removed. Make sure all guards are operating properly before each use. . Remove adjusting keys and wrenches. Form habit of checking to see that keys and adjusting wrenches are removed from tool before turning it on. . To reduce the risk of injury, keep children and visitors away. All visitors should wear safety glasses and be kept a safe distance from work area. . Keep the area of operation clear of all pe