Graco Inc. PCH2600C

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1. Obtain a funnel, six ounces of *RV antifreeze, and approximately 12 inches of garden hose with a male hose connector attached to one end. Use only *RV antifreeze. Any other antifreeze is corrosive and can damage pump. 2. Disconnect spark plug wire. 3. Disconnect high pressure hose from pump and from spray gun. 4. Connect 12 inch length of hose to water inlet of pump. 5. Add *RV antifreeze to hose as shown. 6. Pull engine starter rope slowly several times until antifreeze comes out of high pre

Graco Inc. PCH2425

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When there is a steady stream of water present, turn water source off. Reconnect water source to pump inlet and turn on water source. Squeeze trigger to remove remaining air. 8. Move choke to the "No Choke" position. 9. Move throttle control lever to the "Fast" position. 10. Use high pressure hose under 100 feet. Will not draw chemicals 7. Chemical build up in chemical injector. 1. Wand not in low pressure. 2. Chemical filter clogged. 3. Chemical screen not in chemical 4. Chemical adjustment kno

Graco Inc. PCH2401

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• IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THOSE OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED TO ONE YEAR FROM THE DATE OF ORIGINAL PURCHASE. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you. Porter-Cable Corporation Jackson, TN USA 1-888-559-8550 D25803 18- ENG NOTES 19- ENG D25803 QUICK FACTS CALL 1-888-559-8550 TO FIND A LOCAL AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER NEAR YOU FOR REPAIRS AND SERVICE PART PURCHASES. GAS OIL

Graco Inc. PCE1700

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Si usted necesitase reducir la presion, ello podra lograrse merced a los siguientes metodos: 1. Retirese de la superficie que ha de limpiarse. Cuanto mas alejado usted se encuentre de la misma, menor presion habra sobre la superficie que debera limpiar. 2. Cambie a un patron de rociado mas amplio. Vea el parrafo "como usar la varilla rociadora". No intente incrementar la presion de la bomba. Un calibrado superior al que trae de fabrica danara la bomba. A17914 50- SP USO DEL TUBO APLICADOR La boq

Graco Inc. PCA390

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1 YEAR -Limited warranty on pressure washers used in consumer applications (i.e. personal residential household usage only). 90 DAY -Pressure washers used for commercial applications (income producing) and service parts. 1 YEAR -Limited warranty on all accessories. Porter-Cable will repair or replace, at Porter-Cable's option, products or components which have failed within the warranty period. Service will be scheduled according to the normal work flow and business hours at the service center l

Graco Inc. KING BRUTE PN 09301 A

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Use PTFE liquid or tape. Pressure gauge inoperative or not registering accurately. Check pressure with new gauge and replace as needed. Relief valve stuck partially plugged or improperly adjusted. Clean and reset relief valve to system pressure and correct bypass. Check supply tank for contamination. Worn seat or valves. Clean or replace with valve kit. Inlet suction strainer clogged or improperly sized. Use adequate size for inlet pump connection and fluid being pumped. Clean frequently. Worn s

Graco Inc. HYDRACLEANR 4043

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If extremely worn a reverse pliers may be used. Reassembly: V–Packing Models: 1. Lubricate high pressure packing area in manifold. 2. Insert male adapter with notches down and “v” side up. 3. Lubricate v–packings and install one–at–a–time with grooved side down. 4. Next install female adapter with grooved side down. 5. Examine seal case o–ring and replace if worn. Lubricate new o–ring before installing. 6. Thread seal case into manifold and tighten with key wrench. High Pressure Seal Models: 1.

Graco Inc. Hydra-Clean 3050

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NO. DESCRIPTION QTY NO. NO. DESCRIPTION QTY 1 100–188 NUT, Hex 5/16–18 11 46 801–217 BUMPER, Rubber 1 2 100–214 WASHER, Lock 5/16 13 47 177–144 LABEL, Belt Guard 1 3 803–889 BELT, Drive 2 48 803–535 SCREW, Cap, Hex hd 1 4 803–943 SHEAVE, Engine 1 49 803–944 SHEAVE, Pump 1 100–023 WASHER, Flat 5/16 26 50 801–898 HUB, Engine 1 6 801–941 SCREW, Cap, Hex hd 51 801–135 HUB, Pump 1 5/16–18 x 1 9 52 801–959 TERMINAL PROTECTOR, Black1 7 803–534 LABEL, Belt Guard 1 53 801–945 CABLE, Battery 12” Long 1 8

Graco Inc. Hydra-Clean 3040

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2, 5, 9, 15, 17, 47) 1 GUN, Spray (see InstructionManual 308–511) 1 LABEL, Warning, ventilation 1 LABEL, Caution 1 WAND, 32” 1 LABEL, Warning, chassis 1 ENGINE, 9 hp, Honda OHV(used on 800–638 only) 1 ENGINE, 9 hp, Briggs & Stratton OHV (used on800–690 only) 1 SCREW, Cap, hex hd. 5/16–18 x 1-3/4 4 SLEEVE, 28” 1 WASHER, Flat 5/16 18 NUT, Lock 5/16–18 10 BUMPER 1 COUPLER, Male 3/8 2 HOSE, High Pressure, 3/8 x 50’ 1 COUPLER, Female 3/8 (incl. 16) 2 O–RING, Female Coupler 3/8 2 COUPLER, Female 1/4 (

Graco Inc. Hydra-Clean 3009

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Install new oilseals. See PUMP SERVICE. bred, damaged or worn plungers. nstall new plungers.See PUMP SERVICE. ibrasive material In the fluid being pumped. nstall proper filtration on pump Inlet plumbing. nlet water temperaturetoohigh. :heck water temperature; mav not exceed 160°F. hrpressurlzing pump. lonot modi any factory-set adjustments. See EQUIPMENrMISUSE HAZARD. 3cessive pressure dueto partially plugged :lean or replace tip.See Installing and Changing Spra) )r damaged tip. rips. 'ump runni