Fujitsu 280D-HS

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Note: Ensure that you have the “Headset Only” button turned off when using this feature Using a HEADSET Connect your headset to the socket underneath your digital phone (labelled #2 port – picture of a headset) Press the “HEADSET ONLY” button. The light will go red to indicate that you are in “headset mode” Place the handset on the hook. You are now free to use BOTH the handset receiver and the headset to make or answer calls. To make an outgoing call via your headset: Dial out directly from the

Fujitsu 1200

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Battery Pack Battery Latch LockedPosition UnlockedPosition Removingand Instal llingtheBatteryPack To install the battery pack: 1. Slide the battery pack into the pen tablet until it is firmly seated. Warning Keep your fingers clear of the area between the battery pack and the pen tablet when you install the battery pack. 2. Slide the battery latch into the locked position. Once the battery pack is installed, you can resume system operation or start your system and use the system as you normally