FireplaceXtrordinair 864 See-Thru

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The 864 ST maintains this tranquility witha perfect balance between the firebox,logs and flames.The logs and fire have been carefully designed to give you different look from either side. Compare the amazingly realistic eight piece logset with any othersee-thrufireplaceonthemarket! Withtheuniquetwo-stagesteppedburner,the864STSee-Thrufireplacewillgiveyou a warm,yellow fire with glowing embers that your friends and family will have a hard time telling apart from a real wood fire. Designed For Year

FireplaceXtrordinair 864 HH (Home Heater)

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The 44 DV XXL is perfect for today’s lifestyle, it can heat multiple, large open rooms with high ceilings, and is great for those colder climates. Options Choice of Eight Faces: • Metropolitan Black 98500598 • Classic Arch Black 98500577 • Classic Arch Brushed Nickel 98500578 • French Country Black Painted 95400767 • French Country Antique Gold 98500597 • Artisan Charcoal 98500579 • Artisan Arch Antique Copper 98500588 • Artisan Arch Antique Nickel 98500589 Choice of Controls & Add Ons: • Wall T

FireplaceXtrordinair 864 HH

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Burner GAS GETS REAL Tested and Listed by m m OMNI-Test Laboratories, Inc. Beaverton, Oregon Report # 028-F-59b-5 ANSI Z21.88b-2003 Built-In Direct Vent Fireplace Natural Gas or Propane Residential or Mobile Home WARNING: If the information in these instructions is not followed exactly, a fire or _explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury or loss of life. - Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance

FireplaceXtrordinair 564 SS FPX

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Fireplace Xtrordinair. ûmai^lv)

FireplaceXtrordinair 564 SS (Space Saver)

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A Fireplace With Two Points of View With two sides to the 864 ST Fireplace you get the ability to personalize each room using a different face on each side of the fireplace. Choose from the Basic Grill Set in black, as seen to the right, or pick one of the 13 beautiful upgrade faces in a wide variety of finishes and designs. Decorative Firebacks In addition to adding a gorgeous face to the outside of your fireplace, you can also decorate the inside. We offer two reversible fireback liners and a

FireplaceXtrordinair 4915E

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Shown with mirrored interior and Designer Sleeve Options Calcite Stone Sleeves You will have the option of choosing three distinct sleeves to surround and finish the candle effect. Features • 11 candles, you choose the sleeve option. • One button remote control or wall switch for on/off convenience. • Crushed platinum glass to add sparkle and depth to the fireplace floor. • No heat, no fire, no smoke, no smell and no venting required. The safest candles on the market. • Inexpensive to operate as

FireplaceXtrordinair 4915

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To help determine placement, use the table below to locate and place each cylinder and candle sleeve. NOTE: The stone cylinders vary slightly in height and are close to the dimensions below (the diameter is slightly larger). Use the dimensions below as a guideline to insure correct cylinder orientation. NOTE: The candle sleeves are stamped with a number to ease identification. HINT: Start with the letter A candle (it is the tallest candle on the end - see Figure 1 below). HINT: Place the cyl

FireplaceXtrordinair 44-Elite

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4800 Harbour Pointe Blvd. SW Mukilteo, WA 98275 0316 (IGN) Travis Industries 93508094 220602 Limited 7 Year Warranty 19 Limited 7 Year Warranty 19 To register your TRAVIS INDUSTRIES, INC. 7 Year Warranty, complete the enclosed warranty card and mail it within ten (10) days of the appliance purchase date to: TRAVIS INDUSTRIES, INC., 10850 117th Place N.E., Kirkland, Washington 98033. TRAVIS INDUSTRIES, INC. warrants this appliance (appliance is defined as the equipment manufactured by Travis Indu

FireplaceXtrordinair 44 DV-XXL

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• No hearth required • 864 square inches of tempered viewing glass. • Removable safety screen in front of glass. • Two level pan burner for realistic flame pattern. • Standard wall switch included. • Easy to adjust air shutter. • Add heat to one additional room in your home with the Extra Room Power Heat Duct Kit. Faces Choice of Thirteen Designs: • Basic Black Grill Set • Metropolitan Black Face • Metropolitan Nickel Face • Classic Arch Black • Classic Arch Brushed Nickel • French Country Black

FireplaceXtrordinair 44 DV XXL EF

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Your dealer will know the requirements in your area and can inform you of those people considered qualified. The room heater should be inspected before use and at least annually by a qualified service person. More frequent cleaning may be required due to excessive lint from carpeting, bedding material, etc. • The instructions in this manual must be strictly adhered to. Do not use makeshift methods or compromise in the installation. Improper installation will void the warranty and safety listing.