Absocold Corp ARD1031F

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It also offers tips on how to get the best as well as lowest cost performance. If you prefer ordering your own parts, use the enclosed list to find the part number. Do not use the illustration number. For parts or service information, call Absocold Corporation: (800) 843-3714 or (765) 935-7501. Record in the space provided below the serial number and model number of this appliance. They are located on the serial plate affixed to the backside of the refrigerator or inside the refrigerator affixed

Absocold Corp AFD502MW11R

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If installation is outside the fifty (50) states, the cost of installation is borne by the purchaser, and Absocold’s warranty obligations hereunder shall be limited to furnishing all replacement parts and materials, freight prepaid, to the continental United States port designated by the purchaser. In an effort to properly administer its warranty policy, Absocold Corporation or its representatives may require a proof-of-purchase document before authorizing service or repair to the appliance unde