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Xpelair 91174AA

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sensor disconnected 0 0 0 14-TSF short on condenser sensor 0 0 o ................ 15-TSF condenser sensor 0 0 0 0 The end of the self-test will be signalled by all the leds lighting up at once and blinking ten times, as well as by an acoustic signal. At this time, you can adjust the temperature reading on the room temperature sensor. This correction is important if the air conditioner is installed high on the wall in a room where the warm air tends to stratify upward (as in rooms with high

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Installing climate control, an advanced form of air conditioning can bring a sense of comfort and style to a home, fulfilling the expectations of modern family life. Superior Climate Control By providing precise control of temperature, humidity and airflow the Digitemp climate control solution can dramatically reduce the effects of asthma allergies and other chest disorders. Digitemp can contribute towards a good night’s sleep by eliminating many of the irritations caused by an uncomfortable cli

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35 Control of fan speed Fig. 36 External air intake digitemp 21 Xpelair 3.4.12 Use button T3 to select Night well-being Mode, which Night well-being includes the following functions: mode - Gradual Increase of the temperature set for cooling, - Gradual reduction of the temperature set for heating (only HP models). - Reduction of noise level. - Lower energy consumption at night. To select Night well-being mode press button T3 after selecting the operating mode using button T4 and setti

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Remove the blower mounting plate from the hood liner by removing four nuts from inside the liner. Detach the transition by removing four shipping screws. Reinstall the blower mounting plate back onto the liner and reattach the transition onto the top of the blower mounting plate. Refer to the illustration on page 11. 3) Attach the transition to existing ductwork with sheet metal screws and duct sealing tape. 4) If you are installing an in-line or remote blower, drill a 7/8" (22) hole through the

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1 GENERAL INFORMATION 1.1 General information page 4 1.2 Symbols page 5 1.2.1 Editorial pictograms page 5 1.2.2 Safety pictograms page 5 1.3 Technical data page 6 1.3.1 Overall dimensions page 6 1.3.2 Technical features page 6 1.3.3 Technical notes page 6 1.3.4 Proper use page 6 1.4 List of accessories supplied page 7 1.4.1 Storage page 7 1.4.2 Receipt and unpacking page 7 Chap. 2 INSTALLATION 2.1 Instructions for installation page 8 2.2 Selection of position of the unit page 8 2

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Internal and in-line blowers require a roof or wall cap (not provided). Connect ductwork to the cap and work back towards the hood liner. Use sheet metal screws and aluminum tape or high temperature duct tape to seal joints between ductwork sections. All pro hood liners include a backdraft damper in the tran- sition assembly. Local codes may require the use of an additional backdraft and/or make-up air damper. Contact your local HVAC professional for specific requirements. Backdraft and make-up

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Ref. Weills Vo! Is Nominal Dla(mm) Dia 'Df (mm) . 'EV (jnm) Minimum Air Flow (M3/Sec) IDI-11 6G9 / 750 230 /240 100 96 80 0.019 IDM2 916/1000 230/240 125 121 115.: 0.025 IDII3 1370,’ 1500 230/240 150 146 115 O.U44 IDI-W 1837 . 2000 : 230/240 200 196 100 0.070 IDH5 2755y 3000 230 / 240 250' 246 180 0.123 ID II6 0266 r 9000 ............ t................ 400/415 315 311 180 0.230 IDII7 0266:9000 400/415 400 396 230 0.314 IDI-iB 10000 400/415 500 496 230 0.491 Minimum air velocity through

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Features and specifications are subject to change at any time without notice. Visit wolfappliance.com/specs for the most up-to-date information. IMPORTANT NOTE: Throughout this guide, dimensions in parentheses are millimeters unless otherwise specified. Important Note To ensure the safe and efficient use of Wolf equipment, please take note of the following types of highlighted information throughout this guide: IMPORTANT NOTE highlights info

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Make sure all wires are secure and that no wires are pinched between the cover and electrical box. 17/8" (48) 31/2" (89) 121/2" (318) Location of hood wiring. Pro Hood Liner Installation Blower Assemblies Pro ventilation hoods are shipped without the blower assembly. Internal, in-line and remote blowers are avail- able through your authorized Wolf dealer. For local dealer information, visit the find a showroom section of our website, wolfappliance.com. The blower will vary in size and is dictate

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speed for 10 minutes -long press (>1.6sec.) = max. speed for 30 minutes After this time has elapsed the fan returns to the lowest position. MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS • Never mount the emitters and/or receivers in a metal distribution box, housing or netting. • Wherever possible, avoid mounting the emitters and/or receivers in the immediate vicinity of large metal objects. • Never mount emitters and/or receivers on (or near) the ground. • Best results are obtained when mounting th