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Trane RTHD

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The introduction of this next-generation chiller an exciting step forward in application versatility, ease of installation, control precision, reliability, energy- efficiency, and operational cost-effectiveness. The new RTHD chiller is designed to deliver proven Series R performance, plus all the benefits of an advanced heat transfer design and a low- speed, direct-drive compressor. Important Design Advances and New Features Major design advances include: • Higher full-load energy efficiency red

Trane RTCA 108-216

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Warranty Warranty is based on the general terms and conditions of Societe Trane or Trane UK Ltd. The warranty is void if the equipment is repaired or modified without the written approval of Trane, if the operating limits are exceeded or if the control system or the electrical wiring is modified. Damage due to misuse, lack of maintenance or failure to comply with the manufacturer's instructions or recommendations is not covered by the warranty obligation. If the user does not conform to the rule

Trane TWA075A

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. Designed With Your Needs In Mind. The Trane reputation for quality and reliability in air conditioning continues with the Odyssey™ family of light commercial split systems. Trane paid attention to your needs to make sure you get a system that will meet your job requirements every time...and at a competitive price. Couple Trane’s reputation for quality and reliability in split system air conditioners with efficiency, flexibility and installation ease...and you have systems that will give you “S

Trane WSC060-120

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Precedent is a flexible line of packaged units that cover a wide variety of applications. ReliaTel™ microprocessor controls provide superior flexibility for the simplest to the most sophisticated applications. In addition to controls, Precedent offers many other outstanding features and option choices. With its sleek compact cabinet, rounded corners and beveled top, it may just be the most aesthetically pleasing packaged unit on the planet. And, of course, Precedent carries the Trane reputation

Trane IntelliPak Self-Contained Modu

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For units with supply air temperature control entering the unoccupied mode, the following sequence will occur: • Heating/cooling functions cease and the economizer option closes fully.The supply fan shuts down for proper cool- down time of the heat exchanger. However, the supply fan may remain on for a short period of time. • After the supply fan shuts down, the occupied/unoccupied relay energizes and the IGV option fully opens. Also, the VAV box stroke time begins. The VAV box stroke time is fi

Trane WCY024G1

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The outside ductwork must be weatherproofed between the unit and the building. When attaching ductwork to a horizontal unit, provide a flexible watertight connection to prevent noise transmission from the unit to the ducts. The flexible connection must be indoors and made out of heavy canvas. NOTE: Do not draw the canvas taut between the solid ducts. SIDING EXTERIOR WALL INSULATE WEATHERPROOF OR RAIN SHIELD FLEXIBLE DUCT CONNECTORS ISOLATORS (1 PER CORNER AND 1 UNDER UNIT CONTROL BOX) RETURN AIR

Trane WPHF

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Read these carefully. WARNING -Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury. CAUTION -Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury. It may also be used to alert against unsafe practices. CAUTION -Indicates a situation that may result in equipment or property-damage-only accidents. Important! Equipment is shipped FOB (Free on Board) at the manufacturer. Therefore, freight cla

Trane GSWD

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Connecting a Loop Pump Kit Closed Loop System All piping external to the unit is the responsibility of the installer. The water pipe installation must be done in accordance with local codes. If no local code applies, national codes should be followed. It is the contractor’s responsibility to know and adhere to all applicable codes. Water inlet and outlet to the unit’s water- to-refrigerant heat exchanger are clearly marked on the submittal drawings found on pages 7 through 9. The supply and retu

Trane WPWD

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Util. Volt Max Util. Volt Compressor Data No. of Comp Aux Pump Amps Desup Pump RLA MCA Max FuseRLA LRA GSWD024 208-230/60/1 197 253 11.4 56.0 1 2.5 0.4 17.2 25 GSWD036 208-230/60/1 197 253 15.0 73.0 1 2.5 0.4 21.7 35 GSWD042 208-230/60/1 197 253 18.4 95.0 1 2.5 0.4 25.9 40 GSWD048 208-230/60/1 197 253 20.4 109.0 1 2.5 0.4 28.4 45 GSWD060 208-230/60/1 197 253 28.0 169.0 1 2.5 0.4 37.9 60 GSWD072 208-230/60/1 197 253 32.1 169.0 1 2.5 0.4 43.0 70 WSHP-SVX02A-EN Pre-Start Checklist Pre-Start-up Chec

Trane RTUB 207-224

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CCAAUUTTIIOONN Improper power phasing can result in equipment damage due to reverse rotation. Do not use untreated or improperly- treated water. Equipment damage may occur. • Fill the evaporator chilled-water circuit. Vent the system while it is being filled. Open the vents on the top of the evaporator water box while filling and close when filling is completed. The use of improperly-treated or untreated water in this equipment may result in scaling, erosion, corrosion, algae, or slime.The servi