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Timex SPORTS 1440

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Heart Rate Monitor How the Heart Rate Monitor Works The Heart Rate Monitor is a combination of a Heart Rate Sensor and a sport watch. The Heart Rate Sensor attaches to your chest and measures the electrical signals generated by the heart as it is beating. Using this information, it then calculates your heart rate and transmits it to your watch. You simply glance at the watch during exercise/training to make sure you are in the appropriate heart rate range to maintain or improve your .tness level

Timex M515

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FIVE HEART RATE FITNESS ZONES Intensity Level (% Maximum Zone Ideal For Benefit Desired heart rate) 1 Light Maintain Healthy 50%-60% Exercise Heart/Get Fit 2 Weight Lose Weight/ 60%-70% Management Burn Fat 3 Aerobic Base Increase Stamina 70%-80% Building Aerobic Endurance 4 Optimal Maintain Excellent 80%-90% Conditioning Fitness Condition 5 Elite Athlete Maintain Superb 90%-100% Athletic Condition For example, if you want to Lose Weight/Burn Fat: do your favorite exercise at 60%-70% of your maxi

Timex GlobalTrainer US QSG

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This guide will allow you to use your Global Trainer® watch for the first time, but if you need more information, you can view the full-length USER GUIDE at: Feature Overview • PERFORMANCE Mode – Keep track of multiple variables during your workout, including speed, distance, elapsed time, pace, and calories burned. • MULTISPORT Mode – Incorporate several activities and transition periods into a single workout, and track all of them together. • Customizable Screen Displays – View up to four work

Timex M187

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limited warranty)....................66 FCC Notice (U.S.) / IC Notice (Canada)..................................69 Declaration of Conformity ......................................................71 INTRODUCTION Welcome!_ Congratulations! With your purchase of the Timex® Bodylink® System you have hired your new personal trainer. Using your Performance Watch in partnership with your digital Heart Rate and Speed + Distance Sensors offers you an unprecedented ability to track, store, and analyz

Timex W228

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The Activity Timer will run for as long as the wrist monitor is “on” and receiving good signals from the chest sensor for a maximum time of 48 hours. NOTE: To view the current time of day, press SET/TIME to peek at the time and then return to the Heart Rate display. 5. END YOUR WORKOUT: Once your exercise is done, press and hold ON/OFF to turn off the wrist monitor, and the text “HOLD TURN OFF” will appear on the display one word at a time. The wrist monitor display will now read the Time of Day

Timex M593

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INDIGLO is a registered trademark of Indiglo Corporation in the US and other countries. THE TIMEX® PERSONAL HEART RATE MONITOR with INDIGLO® night-light Register your product at Visit for more information on Timex Heart Rate Monitors, including product feature listings and simulations. Visit for fitness and training tips using Timex Heart Rate Monitors. While we provide some guidance here, you should always consult your physician before beginning or modifying an exercise program. A good signal i

Timex 843-095002-02 EU

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INDIGLO is a registered trademark of Indiglo Corporation in the US and other countries. IRONMAN is a registered trademark of World Triathlon Corporation. HEART ZONES is a registered trademark of Sally Edwards. The ANT and ANT+Sport logos are trademarks of Dynastream Innovations Inc. W-248 843-095002-02 EU English page 1 Francais page 69 Espanol pagina 145 Portugues pagina 221 Italiano pagina 297 Deutsch Seite 377 Nederlands pagina 451 Table of Contents Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Timex W227

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Without a current heart rate, the display will read ERROR at the end of the 1-minute recovery period. If the starting heart rate is lower than the ending heart rate, the display will read NO REC. 1. Press RECV/DATE. The watch will capture your current heart rate in beats per minute (BPM) and begin the 1-minute countdown. 2. After the countdown, the watch will beep indicating the end of the recovery period. The watch will capture your heart rate a second time, subtract the second value from the f

Timex M821

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Timex® Fitness Sensors Heart Rate Sensor Speed + Distance Sensor Watches are for more than keeping time. Digital technology gives your watch the ability to display your heart rate or measure your speed and distance traveled. These functions require the use of external modules that transmit information wirelessly to your watch. This booklet provides instructions for properly setting up, operating and maintaining these devices. Look for the section that is appropriate for the type of device you ha

Timex W235

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You decide to use Chrono Mode to help you try this method. You press START/SPLIT to begin your run and then after 10 minutes of running you press START/SPLIT again and walk for 2 minutes. You continue using these two timing sequences until you have completed a 60 minute run/walk. T TTI IIM MME EER RR Timer Mode allows you to set a fixed time from which the Watch counts down to zero (i.e., 10, 9, 8, ...). INDIGLO® night-light Press to light the Watch. STOP/SET/RESET Press to start or complete the