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Rowenta DZ9030

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Move the steam control to steam position after approx. 1 minute. Plug in the iron and allow the iron to heat up again. Wait until the remaining water has evaporated. Unplug from the mains and allow the iron to fully cool down. USE 4 • Filling the water tank IMPORTANT Before filling the water tank, unplug the iron and set the steam control to dry position . Tilt the iron. Open the filling inlet (fig.6). Pour in water up to the max mark (fig.7). Close the filler inlet (fig.8) and return the iron t

Rowenta NOMAD HC080

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Please read the instructions before using the appliance, to avoid any risk arising from improper use. 1. DESCRIPTION OF THE CLIPPER AND ITS ACCESSORIES A. On/off button B. Adjustable comb attachment C. Cutting-length adjustment button D. Cutting-length indicator (3-6-9-12-15-18-21). E. Cutting head F. Power "on" indicator G. Adapter H. Cleaning brush I. Lubricating oil J. Barber's comb (with certain models only) K. Pair of scissors (with certain models only) L. Storage pouch (with certain models

Rowenta LISSIMA PH570

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ALLGEMEINE BESCHREIBUNG A. Zubehor zum Glatten B. Kamme C. Scheiben zum Glatten “ Ultra-liss system “ D. Taste zum Entfernen des Zubehors E. Steuertaste F. Fixierknopf G. Haltering H. Konzentrator I. Tasche (zum Aufbewahren von Gerat und Zubehor) J. Reinigungszubehor K. Abnehmbarer Filterschutz L. Filter GB 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION A. Straightener attachment B. Combs C. "Ultra-liss system" smoothing prongs D. Attachment removal button E. Control button F. Cold air shot button G. Ring hanger H. Con

Rowenta ACCESS EP8550

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DESCRIPTION OF YOUR APPLIANCE GB 1- Pivoting head 2- Depilator head SOFT-PRECISION 3- Tweezers 4- Hair guides 5- Massaging beads 6- Micro-peeling head 7- Cap 8- 2-speed and stop switch / Precision Light 9- Cleaning brush 10- Adaptor 11- Travel pouch 12a- Peeling patch for normal skin 12b- Peeling patch “SOFT” for sensitive skin Vision Fonction: The Vision system installed in your device gives perfect epilation results first time. By diffusing an ultraluminous halo on the skin, this system makes

Rowenta SELECTIUM HC 190

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Read the instructions before using the appliance and avoid any danger caused by improper usage. 1 - DESCRIPTION OF THE CLIPPER AND ITS ACCESSORIES Mod. HC 190 / HC 200: A. Cutting wheel with precise adjustment system for the length of the cut. B. Start/Stop button. C. Side buttons for locking/unlocking the combs and the blade protector. D. Combs (3-6-9-12-20-25). E. Cleaning brush. F. Hairdressing comb. G. Pair of scissors. H. Blade protector. I. Cutting head. J. Adapter - 2.4V for mains supply

Rowenta PROVITAL CV8010

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The round-tipped fingers gently grasp your hair at the roots and lift it. The massaging action provides bouncy, long-lasting volume from the very root of your hair. (7/8) • Use your diffuser after shampooing and thoroughly towel-drying your hair. • On shoulder-length or long hair, it is preferable to pre-dry lengths and tips. • Short and shoulder-length hair provides the best results. “Classic Volume” diffuser (drawing n°6) • Curled effect (naturally curly or permed hair), (drawing n°9) Hold you


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• Gently brush the area to be steamed with the grain or nap of the fabric. Be sure unit is unplugged and completely cool before attaching accessories. • Remove the upholstery brush once unit is unplugged and completely cool. Remove it by pressing on the tab on top of brush while pulling it forward. Fabric brush* Be sure unit is unplugged and completely cool before attaching accessories. The fabric brush opens weave of the fabrics for better steam penetration. • Attach the fabric brush to the ste


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• Use appliance for its intended use only. • This appliance is not designed to be used by people (including children) with a physical, sensory or mental impairment, or people without knowledgeor experience, unless they are supervised or given prior instructionsconcerning the use of the appliance by someone responsible for their safety. • Children must be supervised to ensure that they do not play with theappliance. • Do not leave appliance unattended while plugged in or while it is still hot. •

Rowenta PROVITAL CV8050

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GB 3 - USE This hairdryer gives you professional results while maintaining the vitality of your hair: • “Vital” Function: the central slide automatically programmes a temperature of 59°C combined with an air speed of 15 m/s. This ideal combination allows rapid drying while preventing the appearance of cracks and ensuring that the scales on the hair’s surface remain smooth. • What’s more, you have a large choice of temperatures and air speeds for drying and styling that are perfectly adapted to y

Rowenta DZ5020

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1 fig. 2 fig. 3 fig. 4 fig. 5 fig. 6 fig. 7 fig. 8 NO OK fig. 9 AUTO-OFF AUTO-OFF NO OK fig. 10 fig. 11 fig. 12 fig. 13 fig. 14 fig. 15 fig. 16 fig. 17 fig. 18 fig. 19 NO fig. 20 З праски витiкає вода. Занадто часте натискання кнопки парового удару. Робiть бiльшi iнтервали мiж натисканнями кнопки. Використовується дистильована/демiнералiзов ана або пом’якшена вода. Використовуйте тiльки необроблену воду з-пiд крана або наполовину розводьте воду з-пiд крана дистильованою/ демiнералiзованою водою.