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Precor C954i

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• To ensure the proper use and safety of the treadmill, make sure that all users read this manual. Please make this manual a part of your club’s training program. Remind the club users that before beginning any fitness program, they should obtain complete physical examinations from their physicians. Il est conseille de subir un examen medical complet avant d’entre-prendre tout programme d’exercise. Si vous avez des etourdissements ou des faiblesses, arretez les exercices immediatement. To reduce

Precor EFX 546I

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Über jeder Informationsspalte erscheint eine Nummer. Legen Sie mit der Taste CHANGE (ÄNDERN) unter jeder Spalte fest, welche Art von Informationen angezeigt werden. Nachfolgend erhalten Sie weitere Informationen über dieses Display. Spalte 1: TIME, REMAINING TIME und SEGMENT TIME (ZEIT, RESTZEIT und ABSCHNITTS DAUER) TIME (ZEIT) - zeigt die Trainingszeit in Minuten und Sekunden an. Werden in einer Trainingssitzung 60 Minuten überschritten, wird die Zeit in Stunden und Minuten angezeigt. Bei Pr

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To allow us to serve you better, please take a few moments to complete and return your warranty registration. YOU MAY ALSO REGISTER ONLINE AT If you have questions or need additional information, contact your local dealer or call Precor Commercial Products Customer Support at 888-665-4404. Thank You and Welcome to Precor atedporPrecor Incor ue NEenv20031 142nd A x 7202PO Bo 98072-4002AW, villeoodinW ECPLA AMPST HERE Fold along dotted line and tape closed before mailing. COMM. Which best describe

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Refer to Numeric keysand SPEED Ў^ on pages 33 and 34. Note: You can check the speed (when it is not the chosen display) any time during your workout by lightly pressing either SPEED Ў or ^ key (for less than two seconds). Pressing the SPEED Ў or ^ key for more than two seconds causes the treadmill’s speed to change. CALORIES: Provides the cumulative number of calories being burned by the user. SEGMENT TIME: Indicates the amount of time, in minutes and seconds (mm:ss), that remain in the highligh

Precor EFX 556i

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Diese Anweisungen dienen zum Schutz des Geräts und der Sicherheit aller, die den EFX verwenden. • Stellen Sie sicher, dass sich alle Benutzer vor Beginn eines Fitnessprogramms von Ihrem Arzt gründlich untersuchen lassen. GEFAHR Vermeiden Sie das Risiko eines Stromschlages, und ziehen Sie den optionalen Stromadapter aus dem Gerät, bevor Sie das Gerät reinigen. . . _ ,T Treffen Sie die folgenden Vorsichtsmaßnahmen, um VV/l\dlvi1 I das Risiko von Verbrennungen, Feuer, Stromschlag oder Verletzun

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Required Tools Obtain these tools before assembly: • Standard hex key set • Standard socket set • .-inch box wrench or crescent wrench • Flat head screwdriver • Phillips-head screwdriver • Needle-nose pliers • Standard torque wrench Installation Requirements Review these installation requirements before assembly: • The Cardio Theater Integrated Bracket is built to VESA MIS-D, 100/75 standard interface specifications. • Provide ample space around the climber. Open space around the unit allows for

Precor 846i

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Read through the following tips before selecting the Basic HRC Program. These tips provide general information regarding how the program functions. For more information and exercise suggestions, refer to the Precor web site at Important: Maintain a constant stride rate between 100 and 160 strides per minute. Automatic adjustments to the resistance cannot take place if you drop below 40 strides per minute. User’s Reference Manual: Programs • The program provides a 3-minute warm-up period. Duri

Precor P30

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Climber RESISTANCE Changes the height of the column and affects the Custom Program step resistance. 4. When you have set the column height, press the down arrow key on the navigational keypad to move to the next column. You can press the up arrow key to return to previous columns. 5. Continue adjusting the profile for each column. Note: Two custom programs are available on the treadmill. Some Precor products contain only one custom program. The prompt indicates which one you have accessed. To se

Precor EFX EFX 5.23

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Owner’s Manual: Workout Selecting a Program P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 MANUAL WEIGHT LOSS FAT BURNER CROSS TRAINER INTERVAL HILL CLIMB GLUTEALS BASIC HRC PROGRAMS 1. While the Precor banner scrolls, repeatedly press the PROGRAMS key to review the list of programs. Choose the program you want, and then press ENTER. For a description of each program, refer to Programs. Note: You can use the QUICKSTART key to bypass the prompts for time, weight, and age and begin exercising immediately using default v

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Diagram 3 Handrail Nut plate Lower handrail clamp C O M M E R C I A L P R O D U C T S D I V I S I O N f. To secure the handrail inside the clamp, use the 5/32" hex key provided. Do not overtighten the bolt or damage may occur to the clamp. Note: After extensive use, vibrations from the treadmill may cause the bolts to loosen. You may need to periodically inspect the bolts and, if necessary, tighten both the upper and lower handrail clamp bolts using the hex keys provided. g. Return to the upper