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Porter-Cable C7501M

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HAZARD RISk OF SERIOUS INjURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE WHEN TRANSPORTING COMPRESSOR WHAT CAN HAPPEN HOW TO PREVENT IT • Oilcanleakorspillandcouldresultin fire or breathing hazard; serious injury or death can result. Oil leaks will damage carpet, paint or other surfaces in vehicles or trailers. •Alwaysplacecompressoronaprotective mat when transporting to protect against damage to vehicle from leaks. Remove compressor from vehicle immediately upon arrival at your destination. • Always transport and stor

Porter-Cable LL3100

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Record these numbers in the spaces below and retain for future reference. Model No. __________________________________ Type_______________________________________ Serial No.___________________________________ IMPORTANT Please make certain that the person who is to use this equipment carefully reads and understands these instructions before starting operations. Part No. 905067 - 03-21-02 ESPANOL: PAGINA 9 FRANCAISE : PAGE 19 To learn more about Porter-Cable visit our website at: Copyright © 2002

Porter-Cable PCH2600C

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RESPONSIBILITY OF ORIGINAL PURCHASER (initial User): • To process a warranty claim on this product, DO NOT return it to the retailer. The product must be evaluated by an Porter-Cable Authorized Warranty Service Center. For the location of the nearest Porter- Cable Authorized Warranty Service Center call 1-888-559-8550, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • Retain original cash register sales receipt as proof of purchase for warranty work. • Use reasonable care in the operation and maintenance of the

Porter-Cable 8604

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• Do not connect this tool to a system with maximum potential pressure greater than 200 PSI, (13 BAR). • Only connect tool to air supply with a coupling that will release all pressure from the tool when disconnected. • Disconnect tool from air supply and/or remove battery before performing maintenance, clearing a jammed fastener, leaving work area, moving tool to another location, handing the tool to another person, or making adjustments. PREPARING THE TOOL 1. After reading and understanding thi

Porter-Cable C7501

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This condensate contains lubricating oil and/or substances which may be regulated and must be disposed of in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. 1. Set the Auto/Off lever to "Off". 2. Slowly bleed the air from the air tank and air distribution system until tank pressure is approximately 20 psi. 3. Drain water from air tank by opening drain valve on bottom of tank. Risk of bursting. Water will condense in the air tank. If not drained, water will corrode and weaken the

Porter-Cable CF2020

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Maximum compressor pumping time per hour is 30 minutes. STORAGE When you have finished using the air compressor: 1. Set the “ON/OFF” switch to “OFF” and unplug the cord. 2. Review the “Operating Procedures” section. Be sure to drain the water from the air tank. 3. Protect the electrical cord and air hose from damage by winding them loosely around the air compressor. 4. Store the air compressor in a clean and dry location. SPECIFICATIONS MODEL NO. Horsepower SCFM @ 40 psig SCFM @ 90 ps

Porter-Cable C6001

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6. Remove pump mounting screws securing pump (one on each side). 7. Carefully slide pump from brackets and out of the way. 8. Using an adjustable wrench remove the regulator manifold. 9. Apply pipe sealant to new regulator manifold and assemble, tighten with wrench. 10. Reapply pipe sealant to safety valve. 11. Reassemble all components in reverse order of removal. Make sure to orient gauges to read correctly and use wrenches to tighten all components. Pump Mounting Screw 14 - ENG STORAGE STORAG

Porter-Cable D25805-025-1

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• Always keep pressure washer a minimum of four feet away from surfaces (such as houses, automobiles, or live plants) that could be damaged from muffler exhaust heat • Store fuel in an OSHA approved container, in a secure location away from work area. • Do not spray flammable liquids. 3- ENG D25805 • Your washer operates at fluid HOW TO PREVENT IT HAZARD WHAT CAN HAPPEN • Breathing exhaust fumes will cause • Operate pressure washer in a well serious injury or death! ventilated area. Avoid enclos

Porter-Cable PCK4040SP

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• If proper starting procedure is not followed, engine can kickback causing serious hand and arm injury. • The spray gun/wand is a powerful cleaning tool that could look like a toy to a child. • Reactive force of spray will cause gun/wand to move, and could cause the operator to slip or fall, or misdirect the spray. Improper control of gun/wand can result in injuries to self and others. • Spray directed at electrical outlets or switches, or objects connected to an electrical circuit, could resul

Porter-Cable C2002

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Risk of Property Damage. Drain water from air tank may contain oil and rust which can cause stains. 6. After the water has been drained, close the drain valve (clockwise). The air compressor can now be stored. NOTE: If drain valve is plugged, release all air pressure. The valve can then be removed, cleaned, the reinstalled. SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS ALL MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR OPERATIONS NOT LISTED MUST BE PERFORMED BY TRAINED SERVICE TECHNICIAN. Risk of Unsafe Operation. Unit cycles automatically