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Pentair 472645

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All rights reserved This document is subject to change without notice 1620 Hawkins Ave., Sanford, NC 27330 • (919) 566-8000 10951 West Los Angeles Ave., Moorpark, CA 93021 • (805) 553-5000 Trademarks and disclaimers PowerMax, MegaTherm and the Pentair Commercial Pool and Spa logo are trademarks of Pentair Water Pool and Spa, Inc. Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Pentair Water Pool and

Pentair IntelliPro VS-3050

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. You’re about to discover just how simple it is to program the IntelliPro VS-3050 Variable Speed Pump. Within minutes, the IntelliPro VS-3050 will be ready to: • Slash energy costs by 30% to 90% or more • Reduce noise to half a human whisper • Automatically adjust for voltage irregularities and overheating Four simple speed settings enable the IntelliPro VS- 3050 to deliver the exact flow needed for a variety of tasks, such as filtration, spa, automatic cleaner, and waterfall. You’ll be able to

Pentair Water Chemistry Controller Smart pH

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The Smart pHTM is a Class 1 product for protection against electric shock and a Type 1 product with regards to disconnection of the control circuits. Observe the following safety precautions: . Do not permit anyone untrained or under the age of 18 to use this product. . Unit must be properly connected to earth ground. . Never apply power when front panel is not secured in the closed position. . Never service unit with power applied, always turn OFF main circuit breaker to unit and all equipment

Pentair WhisperFlo Pentair WhisperFloTM Pump

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Check suction piping and valve glands on any suction gate valves. b. Secure lid on pump strainer pot and make sure lid gasket is in place. c. Check water level to make sure skimmer is not drawing air. 2. Pump will not prime--not enough water. - Remedy: a. Make sure suction lines, pump strainer, and pump volute are full of water. b. Make sure valve on suction line is working and open, (some systems do not have valves). c. Check water level to make sure water is available through skimmer. 3. Pump

Pentair P1-717

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Filters for Inground Pools by Sta-Rite® Nothing but the finest for your pool The Sta-Rite® System:3® D.E. filter incorporates the world's finest filtration technology which produces the ultimate in water quality Diatomaceous earth (D.E.), a natural substance, is so fine it traps dirt and debris as small as five microns (i/jo the width of a human hair). That means body oils, suntan lotions, pollens, dust and even some bacteria are trapped in the filter; leaving behind sparkling clear; healthie

Pentair INTELLIFLO VS-3050

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Regardless of the length of time between filter cleaning, it is most important to visually inspect the hair and lint pot basket at least once a week. A dirty basket will reduce the efficiency of the filter and possibly the heater. WARNING — DO NOT open the strainer pot if pump fails to prime or if pump has been operating without water in the strainer pot. Pumps operated in these circumstances may experience a build up of vapor pressure and may contain scalding hot water. Opening the pump may cau

Pentair PENTEK UV-110

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GENERAL PRECAUTIONS WARNING: Always disconnect the UV from the power source. Follow the procedures provided in this manual. Improper handling can result in death or serious injury. WARNING: Do not look directly at the UV lamp. This can cause retina/eye damage. WARNING: Do not touch the UV bulb. Any fingerprints or dirt will reduce the efficiency of the bulb and may cause it to explode. WARNING: Observe caution when inserting quartz sleeve to prevent breakage and cracking, which may result in inj

Pentair Tagelus

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The result is a filtration and circulation system engineered to provide superior performance, longevity and lifetime value. Key features include: • Tagelus filters include design features that continuously flatten and level the sand inside the tank, a key to more effective and efficient filtration, and longer run times between backwashing. • Easy does it. Tagelus features the handy six-position Hi-Flow™ valve with manual air relief valve and a sight glass to make inspections, routine mainten

Pentair SuperFlo Swimming Pool Pump

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Note: Before installing this product, read and follow all warning notices and instructions starting on page ii. Electrical Requirements and Wiring When pump is mounted permanently within 5 ft. of the inside walls of a swimming pool, you MUST use a No. 8 AWG or larger conductor to connect to bonding conductor lug. Wiring Installation WARNING — Risk of electrical shock or electrocution. This pool pump must be installed by a licensed or certified electrician or a qualified pool serviceman in accord

Pentair AquaTech

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If carton or any filter components are damaged, notify freight carrier immediately. 2. After inspection, carefully remove filter components from carton — filter tank, gauge, air bleeder. 3. Place the filter in its permanent location on a level slab, preferably concrete poured in a form or on a platform constructed of concrete block or brick. DO NOT use sand to level the filter and pump mounting as it may wash away, leaving the unit out of level. During operation this condition will cause vibra