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LifeSource UA-702

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With your arm hanging at the side of your body, measure the circumference of your upper arm at the midpoint between shoulder and elbow. ARM SIZE RECOMMENDED CUFF SIZE REPLACEMENT CUFF MODEL# 5.1” - 7.9” (13-20cm) Small UA-279 7.5” - 12.2” (19-31cm) Medium UA-280 11.8” - 17.7” (30-45cm) Large UA-281 BULB HOSE CUFF HOSE MONITOR PRESSURE AND PULSE DISPLAY AIR SOCKET SYSTOLIC DIASTOLIC (PULSE) POWER DIGITAL BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR MEASURING PRESS EXHAUST RE-MEASURE BATTERY LOW RE-MEASURE POWER BUTTON

LifeSource UA-767

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You have purchased a LifeSource state-of-the-art blood pressure monitor, one of the most technologically advanced yet easy to use products available in the marketplace today. This LifeSource monitor is designed to make your daily regimen useful, and convenient. Physicians agree that daily self-monitoring of blood pressure is an important way individuals can contribute to maintaining their cardiovascular health and preventing the serious consequences of hypertension left undiagnosed and untreated

LifeSource UA-705

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Cuff Size Indicator On The Cuff Our cuff has an indicator which tells you whether you are using the correct cuff size or not. Place the cuff on your arm (see Page E-6 to learn how to put the cuff on correctly) and if the Index Mark points within the Proper Fit Range, you are using the correct cuff size. If the Index points outside of the Proper Fit Range, contact A&D Medical at 1-888-726-9966 (in Canada, call Auto Control Medical at 1-800-461-0991) for more information on where to obtain a cuff

LifeSource UC-322

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11 References Specifications ............................................12 Before Requesting Service .......................12 How to Dispose of the Scale .....................12 Instruction Manual Precision Health Scale Model UC-322 Before Use Precautions .................................................1 Scale Components......................................2 Display Symbols .........................................3 Installing (or Replacing) Batteries ...............4 Maintaining the Scale .

LifeSource XC200

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SETTING ABSOLUTE HEART RATE (AHR) F. The last heart rate programming screen is Absolute Heart Rate (AHR). This number will usually be used if you are under the care of a physician for cardiac rehabilitation. The first programming screen for AHR shows three dashes “ ---------“ indicating that the AHR function is inactive. To skip the AHR programming sequence, simply press and hold the key for 2 seconds. G. If you wish to program the AHR function, simply press the key until the number you want app

LifeSource UA-767 Plus

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To get the most benefit out of your monitor, it is important to establish a “baseline measurement.” This helps build a foundation of measurements that you can use to compare against future readings. To build this baseline measurement, devote two weeks for consistent blood pressure monitoring. This involves doing everything the same way when you measure (e.g. measuring during the same time of day, in the same location, sitting in the same chair, using the same cuff, etc.). Once you establish your

LifeSource UB-328

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. Please remember that only a medical practitioner is qualified to interpret your blood pressure measurements. Use of this device should not replace regular medical examinations. . Have your physician review your procedure for using this device. He or she will want to verify blood pressure measurements before prescribing or adjusting medications. . Consult your physician if you have any doubt about your readings. Should a mechanical problem occur, contact A&D Medical. . Make sure to use the corr

LifeSource UA-853

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Disconnecting the AC adapter from the monitor: 1. Turn the unit off by pressing the START button. 2. Disconnect the plug from the jack of the monitor quickly. 3. Gently remove the AC adapter from the outlet. NOTE: If monitor has batteries and an AC adapter connected, the measurements stored in memory will be lost if AC adapter is unplugged from the wall first. To ensure that measurements remain in memory, make sure the unit is off and that the jack plugged into the monitor is removed quickly bef

LifeSource UA-787

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Our technology is based on the “oscillometric method”—a non-invasive blood pressure determination. The term “oscillation” refers to the measure of vibrations caused by the arterial pulse. Our monitor examines the pulsatile pressure generated by the arterial wall as it expands and contracts against the cuff with each heartbeat. The cuff is inflated until the artery is fully blocked. The inflation speed is maximized and the pressure level is optimized by the device. The monitor takes measurements

LifeSource UC-321

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The LifeSource Precision Scale is a sleek, stylish unit that offers more precise readings and functionality compared to traditional scales. This scale provides your weight, accurate to a tenth of a pound. In addition, the scale includes a built-in memory function that records up to 31 readings to track your weight history. With this scale, you can measure your weight loss/gain against a target weight that you set. In addition, parents can easily measure the weight of their infants. This scale