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Gentek 3940220

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S.S. 19 1 3926800 Label, Front XPert 20A 1 3910700 Airflow Switch 20B 2 1891808 Screw, Thread Cutting #6-32 x .50 PH 21 Multiple 1905617 Nut, KEPS 10-24 22 2 1307000 Switch, Rocker (2 position) 23A 1 or 2 3904800 Front Panel, 2' 23B 1 3904801 Front Panel, 3' 23C 1 3904802 Front Panel, 4' 23D 1 3904803 Front Panel 2' with Digital Monitor Cutout 23E 1 3904804 Front Panel, 3' with Digital Monitor Cutout 23F 1 3904805 Front Panel, 4' with Digital Monitor Cutout 23G 2 4472400 Screw, Thread cut 10-24

Gentek Body Fat Monitor

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Pongase en contacto con HoMedics Customer Service al 1-800-HOMEDICS (1-800-466-3342). Direccion postal: HoMedics Service Center Dept. 168 3000 Pontiac Trail Commerce Township, MI 48390 correo electronico: cservice@homedics.com GARANTIA DE POR VIDA (Valida unicamente en los EE.UU.) HoMedics, Inc., garantiza este producto contra defectos en material y mano de obra mientras este en vida el comprador original a partir de la fecha original de compra con las excepciones que se detallan a continuacion.

Gentek 3940302

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See Figure 4-1 15. Fluorescent Lamp is located above the work area, out of contact with contaminated air. A safety glass window beneath the lamp distributes the light evenly across the work surface. See Figure 4-1. 16. Filter System Pressure Gauge indicates the total system pressure across the HEPA filter and pressurized plenum to help predict HEPA filter loading. See Figure 4-1. 17. Filter Clamping Bolt evenly seals the HEPA filter to the frame of the enclosure. See Figure 4-1 and 4-2. 18. Sash

Gentek 3940401

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The filtered enclosures have been tested to effectively contain toxic and noxious materials when properly installed and operated. What makes the filtered enclosures so unique is the revolutionary way they direct air into and through the contaminated air chamber. Labconco engineered the filtered enclosures to minimize the effects of turbulence. The containment-enhancing and aerodynamic designs of the upper sash foil, side air foils, lower air foil, upper dilution air supply, and rear perforated b

Gentek 3950222

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40E 2, 1" Long 3788200 Snubber, Filter Pressure Gauge 41A 1 1289101 115V Relay (for Remote Blower on XPert Filtered Station) 41B 1 1289102 230V Relay (for Remote Blower on XPert Filtered Station) 42 1 3925600 Harness, Relay (for Remote Blower on XPert Filtered Station) 76 Appendix A: Replacement Parts s Use for XPert System and XPert Station 23 17 22 26 7 21 32 35 31 33 Placed on ledge above HEPA filter 34 24 25 28 29 30 36 9 11 1 10 63 4 5 12 14 13 40 19 18 8 16 20 2 77 Appendix A: Replacement

Gentek 713LS

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Your Photoelectric alarm is designed to detect the smoke that results from an actual fire. Consequently, it is uncommon for household smoke such as cigarette smoke or normal cooking smoke to cause an alarm. MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION 710LS* ...... 120 VAC Wall Mounted, Provided With a 9 ft. Line Cord, Pulsating Horn 713LS ...... Same as 710LS but with a Temporal Horn * This unit produces a non-temporal audible alarm and is therfore not intended for locations where the desired action of the occupant(s

Gentek IB-SC520

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2 3 SC-520.qxd 7/11/06 9:15 AM Page 5 Why Should I Monitor My Body Composition? Typically, total body weight is used to determine if a person is at a healthy weight. A change in weight alone does not tell you whether you have a gain/loss of muscle or fat. In weight management, you want to maintain muscle mass while body fat is lost. How Does This Body Composition Scanner Work? This unit uses BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) to measure Body Fat, Body Water, Muscle Mass and Bone Mass. BIA se

Gentek IB-SC405

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We hope you will find it to be the finest product of its kind. F FFi iir rrs sst tt T TTi iim mme ee S SSe eet ttu uup pp 1. This scale operates on two lithium CR2032 batteries (pre-installed). There is a red strip under the lithium batteries to prevent battery drain in shipping. Remove the red strip before continuing with these instructions. 2. Some models have a static cling label on the lens to prevent scratching. Remove before use. 3. Set the “LB/KG/ST” unit of measure switch located on the

Gentek 3940321

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If no detector tube for your specific chemical is available, other means of detection must be used. Time - For applications that have very consistent inlet concentrations and operating time, “Time” can be used to anticipate saturation or TWA levels based on prior experience. However, this does not replace the need for sampling. Consult Labconco technical specialist for an estimate of carbon filter life based on chemical usage. Detector tubes, or analytical instrumentation should always be used t

Gentek 3940200

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Your enclosure provides personnel protection through superior containment while conserving energy at OSHA approved velocities as low as 60 feet per minute. It is the result of Labconco’s more than 50 years experience in manufacturing fume hoods and more than 30 years experience in manufacturing filtered enclosures. These enclosures will effectively contain toxic or noxious particulates when properly installed and operated. Each enclosure uses a single HEPA filter, which is rated at least 99.99%