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. . . . . 2, 3 Operating Instructions Care and Cleaning . . . . . . . . .12 Control Panel and Settings . . 4–7 Loading Place Settings . . . . . . 11 Loading the Racks . . . . . . . . .10 Optional Accessories . . . . . . . .11 Using the Dishwasher . . . . . .8, 9 Troubleshooting Tips . . . 13, 14 Write the model and serial numbers here: Model # __________________ Serial # __________________ You can find them on the tub wall just inside the door. Owner’s Manual EDW5000 Series EDW6000 Series GHDA45

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The one-piece silverware basket (on some models) can be placed in the front, right side or back of the lower rack. A variety of options is available regarding the three-piece silverware basket (on some models) in your dishwasher. The complete basket is designed to fit on the right side of the lower rack. Additionally, each end of the basket is removable to add loading flexibility to accommodate flatware and lower rack capacity needs. The lids of both end and middle baskets (on some models) can b

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Water won’t pump out of the tub Drain is clogged •If you have an air gap, clean it. •Check to see if your kitchen sink is draining well. If not, you may need a plumber. •If the dishwasher drains into a disposer, run disposer clear. Before You Call For Service Dishwasher Questions? PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE WHAT TO DO Use this problem solver Suds in the tub Correct detergent wasn’t used Rinse agent was spilled •Use only automatic dishwasher detergents to avoid sudsing. •To remove suds from the tub,


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The rear legs should be screwed in flush with the bottom support, as shipped. The front of the dishwasher must be shimmed to level it. Water and electrical must be routed through the back wall. Electrical Requirements The dishwasher must be supplied with 120V, 60Hz, and connected to an individual properly grounded branch circuit protected by a 15- or 20-amp circuit breaker or time-delay fuse. The dishwasher must be installed so that the drain hose is no more than 10 feet in length for proper

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• Water and power supply should enter in the shaded area. • Electrical and water connections are at the right front of the dishwasher. The hot water line should extend forward 30" to 40" from the rear wall. The electrical must extend forward at least 24" to reach the junction box. • To prevent siphoning, an air gap must be used when the waste tee or disposer connection is less than 18" above the floor. Cabinets Square and Plumb Floor MUST be Even with Room Floor This Wall Area must be Free of Pi

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ADDED HEAT When selected, the cycle will run longer with the heating element on to improve both wash and dry performance. NOTE: Cannot be selected with RINSE ONLY cycle. DELAY HOURS You can delay the start of a wash cycle for up to 9 hours. Touch the DELAY HOURS pad to choose the number of hours you want to delay the start of the cycle; then touch START/RESET one time. The dishwasher will count down and start automatically at the correct time. Touching START/RESET a second time will cancel the D

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Pump out water by touching the START/RESET pad once; then 30 seconds later, touch the START/RESET pad again. Repeat if necessary. Rinse agent • Always wipe up rinse agent spills immediately. was spilled Error Messages Possible Causes What To Do START/RESET status You have pressed the • Press the START/RESET pad only when you want to restart the indicator light flashing START/RESET pad while the dishwasher. dishwasher is running. This will cancel the cycle. The light will stop flashing after the

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While there will be no lasting damage to the dishwasher, your dishes will not get clean using a dishwashing detergent that is not formulated to work with dishwashers. MAIN WASH PRE WASH Soft Medium Soft Medium Hard Extremely Hard A forgotten dish can be added any time before the main wash. Squeeze the door latch to release the door. Do not open the door until the water spray action stops. Steam may rise out of the dishwasher. Add forgotten dishes. Close the door. 4 3 2 1 9 Safety Instructions Op

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• The dishwasher must be installed no more than 10 feet from a sink for proper drainage. • The dishwasher must be fully enclosed on the top, sides and back. • The dishwasher must not support any part of the enclosure. CLEARANCES: In a corner installation, provide at least 2" clearance between the dishwasher and the adjacent cabinet, wall or other appliance. Provide at least 28-3/8" of clearance in front of the dishwasher (Figure B). ADVANCE PLANNING • These dishwashers are designed for versatili

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Remove any other appliances from tripped the circuit. Power is turned off • In some installations, the power to the dishwasher is provided through a wall switch, often located next to the disposer switch. Make sure it is on. Control panel is locked • Unlock control panel. See page 5 or 7. Reboot your control • Turn off power to the dishwasher (circuit breaker or wall switch) for 30 seconds; then turn back on. Control panel lights Time too long between • Each pad must be touched within 30 seconds