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Gemini XL-500 II

Скачали: 39Размер: 171 kb    Производитель: Gemini  
Категория: Музыкальные центры

Congratulations on purchasing a Gemini XL-500 II turntable. This state of CARTRIDGE INSTALLATION: (SEE FIG. 2) the art turntable includes the latest features. Prior to use, we suggest that Because all cartridges have their own designs, please refer to your you carefully read all the instructions. particular cartridge’s instructions to insure proper installation. Features • ±10% Pitch control • Braking for quick stops • Strobe illuminator • Soft-touch start/stop switch Precautions 1. Read all ope

Gemini CDJ-02

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Категория: CD-проигрыватели

Excessive force may cause damage. If the switch does not move smoothly, contact a qualified technician. CONNECTIONS: 1. Plug one end of a set of RCA connectors into each of the LINE OUTPUT (2) jacks. 2. Plug the other end of the RCA connectors into any available line level input jacks on your mixer. If you are playing the CDJ-02 through a receiver, you can plug the RCA connectors into the CD or AUX input jacks on your receiver. If there are no CD or AUX inputs, use any line level (not phono)

Gemini CDX-601

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Категория: CD-проигрыватели

To eliminate confusion, only the CDX601 illustration is fully numbered. Controls placed in different locations or not duplicated are theROBO START (25) and POWER (1) switches. WICHTIGER HINWEIS Der CDX-602 ist ein DoppelCD- Spieler, wiederholen sich die meisten Funktione und Steuervorrichtungen auf beiden Seit des CD-Spielers CDX-601 und CDX-602. Um Verwirrung vorzubeugen und die Zeichnungen leichter verstandlich zu machen sind nur die Funktionen und Steuervorrichtungen auf der CDX601 Seite mit

Gemini CDJ-600

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Категория: CD-проигрыватели

Time is measured in minutes, seconds and frames. USB PORT The USB port allows the connection of any USB memory stick*. USB/CD SELECT BUTTON The USB/CD select button allows you to toggle from the CDJ-600 internal CD drive and the memory stick* connected to the USB port. The player must be in PAUSE mode to switch. 4 11 CDJ-600 FUNCTIONS: (CONTINUED) REPEAT: Press the REPEAT button once to engage the ALL setting which will repeat all the tracks on the CD or selected FOLDER. Press the REPEAT button

Gemini XL-1800Q IV

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Категория: Музыкальные центры

The turntable PLATTER (2) will start to spin. 7. Push the CUE LEVER (19) to the "UP" position. Page 4 8. Position the tone arm over the desired groove on the record and push the CUE LEVER (19) to the "DOWN" position. The TONE ARM (5) will slowly lower onto the record at which time play will begin. 9. When play is over, raise the TONE ARM (5), move it to the ARM REST (9), and secure it with the ARM CLAMP (8). 10. You now have the option of turning off the power by turning the POWER SWITCH (1

Gemini CDM-3600

Скачали: 29Размер: 2 mb    Производитель: Gemini  
Категория: Музыкальные центры

When you have selected the proper track press PGM and the CDM-3600 will be ready to set your next selection. Repeat the previous steps until you have completed your playlist, then press play to begin the set list. REPEAT: Press the repeat button once to engage ( 1) or repeat the selected track. Press REPEAT again to engage ALL setting wich will repeat all the tracks on the CD. Press REPEAT again to disengage the repeat function. SINGLE: Pressing the SINGLE button engages SINGLE mode, in this mod

Gemini XL-300

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Категория: Музыкальные центры

(5 kg) SPECIFICATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. THE WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS SHOWN ARE APPROXIMATE. INTERRUPTING PLAY: 1. Pushing the CUE LEVER (17) to the “UP” position will cause the TONE ARM (6) to lift stopping play. 2. Pushing the CUE LEVER (17) to the “DOWN” position will cause the TONE ARM (6) to slowly lower onto the record at the point where play was interrupted. PLAYING 45 RPM RECORDS: 1. When playing a 45 RPM record with a large center hole, first place the 45 ADAPTER (

Gemini TT-1000

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Категория: Музыкальные центры

NOTA: TT-1100USB mostrado. Ambos modelos tienen las mismas caracteristicas excepto el TT-1000 tiene una salida USB y un pre-amplificador de nivel de linea adicionales. NOTE: Modele presente TT-1100 USB. Les deux appareils possedent les memes caracteristiques a l’exception de la platine TT-1100 USB qui comprend une sortie USB, ainsi qu’un niveau de sortie ligne. WICHTIG: Die PLATTENSPIELER der TT-Serie verfu.gen u.ber die gleichen Standardfeatures. Der auf dieser Seite abgebildete TT-1100USB unte

Gemini CD-200

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Категория: CD-проигрыватели

CD-20Q professional dual deck CD player Professioneller Doppel-CD-Player Reproductor Doble de CD Profesional Double Lectuer CD Professionnel OPERATIONS MANUAL BEDIENUNGSHANDBUCH MANUAL DEL OPERADOR MANUEL D’INSTRUCTIONS MULTI LANGUAGE INSTRUCTIONS ENGLISH................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Gemini PS-646 PRO2

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Категория: Музыкальные инструменты

4. Den neuen Uberblender mit den Schrauben am Mischpult befestigen. 7. TAKTANZEIGEN: Jede Seite des CROSSFADER (22) ist mit einer eigenen Taktanzeige BEAT INDICATOR (21) ausgerustet. Diese leuchten beim Spitzenpegel der niedrigen Frequenz der zugewiesenen Quelle auf und erlauben visuellen Abgleich der Takte. 8. AUSGANGSREGELUNG: Der Verstarkerausgangspegel AMP OUT (39, 40) wird vom MASTER (32) und BALANCE (31) geregelt. Der Regler BOOTH (30) justiert den Pegel des BOOTH OUTPUT (41). EMPFEHLUNG: