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Earlex SPRAY STAT??ON HV2900

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• Always have a drop cloth and wear a mask like you would for a roller or brush if spraying inside. • Practice your technique (even if you have sprayed before), just to familiarize yourself with the coating and different spray patterns and flow rate of the gun. • Spend a few minutes getting the viscosity of the paint where it needs to be. • Always clean up your Spray Gun after every use. PLEASE READ MAIN INSTRUCTION MANUAL BEFORE USE Basic Rules of Spraying Follow these simple instructions to se

Earlex SC125

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Please also make a special note of the safety rules. EARLEX LTD. WILL ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT IF USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSES THAN THOSE DETAILED HEREIN. RETAIN FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. SAFETY RULES Keep equipment away from children and pets. Ensure boiler is placed on a flat level surface, and should the boiler become tilted in use - level again immediately. Failure to do so can result in severe overheating, complete element failure and void your guarantee. Block boiler

Earlex SC75

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(See diagrams to right) Before using the floor cleaner, use a vacuum to pick up the larger dirt and grit particles. Having prepared the area, plug the boiler unit in and wait for steam to appear at the accessory head. Beware of hot water discharge prior to steam emission. Now begin to move the floor cleaner head over the carpet at a steady pace. If there are stains on the carpet pause for a few seconds to allow the steam time to penetrate. Do not soak the carpet. Glide the floor cleaner over the

Earlex HV3500

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Please retain for future reference. 2 EXPLODED PARTS VIEW 13 14 14 13 Fig.2 12 11 10 9 7 8 4 5 6 2 3 1 A B Fig.1 Fig.3 HV3500 HV2900/ 3900 PARTS LIST FFiigg..11 No.Description Part Code No.Description Part Code 1. Needle and Fluid Tip Tool V0018 7. Fluid Needle 2.0mm V0006 2. Air Cap Ring V0001 8. Lip Seal -Fluid Needle V0007 3. Air Cap V0002 9. Paint Flow Adjuster V0011 4. Spray Direction Plate V0003 10. Paint Container Seal L0682 5. Fluid Tip 2.0mm V0004 11. Pick-up Tube V0012 6. Fluid Tip O-R


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This accessory can be used for cleaning all round the house, stoves, cupboards, work surfaces, toilets, sinks, lawnmowers etc. It both cleans and disinfects at the same time. It can also be used to defrost your freezer in minutes with no inconvenience. check with fridge/freezer manufacturer for advice before use. Cleans lawnmowers, Defrosts freezers use with scraper sInK unblocKeR tubE (optIonaL accessorY -noT IncludeD IN alL KIts) Connect the universal handle to the jet nozzle head and push one

Earlex HG1500

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BEFORE USE -PLEASE READ THE SAFETY & OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Please retain for future reference Please register your product at ! SAFETY OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE READ BEFORE USE DO NOT ! Touch the nozzle. ! Change/rotate the nozzle while the unit is turned on. ! Leave the heat gun unattended when it is switched on. ! Allow children to operate or play with the heat gun. ! Carry the heat gun by the mains cable. ! Allow heat to be directed onto the mains cable. ! Use the heat gun as a hair drye

Earlex SC150

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NEVER under any circumstances insert such a plug into a 13 amp socket. 2 NEVER under any circumstances use the appliance or mains lead without the fuse cover fitted. This is the little cover fixed into the base of plug to hold the fuse in place. 3 If you lose the fuse cover then please contact any electrical dealer for a replacement or ring our helpline. 4 A replacement fuse must be rated at 13 amp. These must be manufactured and approved to BS 1362. 5 IF IN ANY DOUBT PLEASE CONSULT AN ELECTRICI


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Please retain for future reference. Thank you for purchasing your Earlex SteamStation SC300, we hope you enjoy using it. Please read the manual carefully to get the most out of your product. 164101112138a598372 Pack contents: 1 -SC300 2 -Jug 3 -Funnel 4 -Towel 5 -Straight Adaptor 6 -Steam Cap 7 -Extension Wands 8 -Floor Tool and Swivel Adaptor (8a) 9 -Window/Tile Cleaner 10 -Angled Nozzle 11 -Plastic Brushes, Large and Small 12 -Steam Plate 13 -Steam Gun • Please note that some accessories are s

Earlex hv5500

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Please retain for future reference. MODE D’EMPLOI AVANT UTILISATION, MERCI DE LIRE ATTENTIVEMENT LE MODE D'EMPLOI ET LES CONSIGNES DE SECURITE. Veuillez conserver cette notice pour toute consultation future. MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES ANTES DE UTILIZARLA -POR FAVOR LEA EL MANUAL PRINCIPAL Y LAS INSTRUCCIONES DE SEGURIDAD. Guardelo para futuras consultas. DO NOT RETURN TO STORE IF THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN USED If you have any questions relating to this product please contact Earlex customer service TOL

Earlex Pure Steam Pure Steam Cleaner

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These tools are illustrated on page 3. Pure Steam does not require detergents, chemicals or other cleaners, it cleans naturally with the action of steam. This powerful action also removes any traces of powder or liquid cleaners or detergents that have been previously used. SAFETY CUT- OUT A safety cut-out is fitted to prevent overheating of the element if water boils below the min. level. If unit stops boiling during use this may be the cause. Wait for 2 minutes before removing filler cap then r