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Craftsman BRUSHWACKER 358.798260-32cc

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• Operation • Repair Parts FailureToDo SoCanResuit in Serious Injury. sears,RoebuckandCo., HoffmanEstates,IL 60179 U,S.A. For one year from the date of purchase, when this Craf_man Gas-Powered Brushwaeker is maintained, lubricated, and tuned up accordingto the operating and maintenance instructions in the operator's manual, Sears will repair, free of charge, any defect in materials or workmanship. • • This warranty excludes the blade, nylon line, spark plug, and air filter, which are expendable

Craftsman FRONT TINE TILLER 917.29239

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9 • Start engine, tip tines off ground by pressing handles down and engage tine control to start tine rotation. Allow tines to rotate for five minutes. • Check tine operation and adjust if necessary. See "FINE OPERATION CHECK" in the Service and Adjustments section of this manual. TILLING HINTS _CAUTION: Until you are accustomed to handling yourtilier, start actual field use with throttle in slow position (mid-way be tween "FAST" and "iDLE"). To help tiller move forward, lift up the handles slig

Craftsman 247.88455.1

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13. Never operate this machine without good visibility or light. Always be sure of your footing and keep a firm hold on the handles. Walk, never run. 14. Disengage power to the auger/impeller when transporting or not in use. 15. Never operate machine at high transport speeds on slippery surfaces. Look down and behind and use care when backing up. 16. If the machine should start to vibrate abnormally, stop the engine, disconnect the spark plug wire and ground it against the engine. Inspect thorou

Craftsman 536881851

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21 HOW TO REMOVE THE SNOW HOOD To access the spark plug, the snow hood must be removed as follows: 1. Remove the choke control knob (see Figure 21). 2. Remove the safety key. 3. Remove the mounting screws (see Figure 22). 4. Slowly remove the snow hood. Make sure that the primer button hose and the Ignition wire are not disconnected. 5. The spark plug can now be accessed. 6. To install the snow hood, first make sure that the primer button hose and the ignition wire are connected. 7. Mount the sn

Craftsman 247.28904

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Tth. 57 734-04155 Deck Wheel, 5" Dia. Ball 29 736-0262 Flat Washer, .385 x .870 x .092 58 938-3056 Shoulder Bolt, 3/8-16 43 Craftsman Engine IViodel 331777=1372=B2 For IViodel 247.28904 1330 REPAIR MANUAL 46S.ORTOPERATOR'SI [1329ENGINEI BLOCK ] I 1056MANUALREPLAOEMENT _.._ 85o 584 .........__.__ 1264 684 _-_ _" 1263 _ j" 306 i 307 _L_ _'_: ,,_&,..-% 26 718 d_-_%_ 616 _ 4O4 759 614 46 43 24 . 8471 842 '1/ x. 1o27 750 6 524 d_') 22_ 200 15 44 Craftsman Engine IViodel 331777=1372=B2 For IViodel 247

Craftsman 247.28933

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731-06836 Cover,RearFenderRH 41. 783-04711B-0637 Arm,DeckLift LH 18. 731-06835 Cover,RearFenderLH 42. 783-05816-0637 Bracket,Seat Pivot 19. 731-06208 Spacer,SeatAdjust 43. 783-05817-0637 Plate,SeatMounting 20. 732-04459 Spring,Lift HandleTorsion 44. 783-05865A-0637 Fender,Rear 21. 732-04491 Spring,SeatAdjust 45. 925-04040 Switch,Seat 22. 732-04508 Spring,Compress.,1.71x 3.25x .23 46. 725-04658 Harness,Seat SwitchJumper 23. 732-0826A Spring,Extension,.865x 4.68 47. 757-04040 Arm Rest,Seat 24. 735

Craftsman 1450 Series

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,, SAFETY * ASSEMBLY * OPERATION * MAINTENANCE * PARTS LIST . ES PAI'i,IO L Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179, U.S.A. Visit our web site: FORM1/O.769-05040 5/4/2009 WarrantyStatement Pace2 .................................. SafeOperationPracticesPaces3-6 .......................... SafetyLabels............................................e7 Pac Assembly.................................................. Paces8-11 Operation..................................................es12-13 Pac

Craftsman 247.28901

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9. Anyreplacementpartmaybeusedintheperformanceofanywarrantymaintenanceorrepairsandmustbeprovidedwithoutchargetotheowner.Suchusewill notreducethe warrantyobligationsofMTDConsumerGroupInc. 10.Add-onor modifiedpartsthatarenotexemptedbythe AirResourcesBoardmaynot beused.Theuseofany non-exemptedadd-onor modifiedpartsbythe ultimatepurchaserwill begroundsfordisallowingawarrantyclaims.MTDConsumerGroup Incwill notbe liabletowarrantfailuresofwarrantedpartscaused bytheuseofa non-exemptedadd-onormodifiedpar

Craftsman SNOWTHROWER 536.8884

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Remove object from auger. Unit rides up Weight transfer disengaged Engage weight transfer system by lifting up on upper handle until bracket bolts snap into place in upper slots of weight transfer _edal. 24 CRAFTSMAI_ 24" -6H.P. SNOW THROWER 536.888400 ELECTRIC START ASSEMBLY REF NO. PART NO. PART NAME 6 330783 Motor, ElectricStarter 7 6216 Screw, 1/4-20x.50 8 300302 Screw #I0 X .50 9 6219 Cord, Starter Motor 760817 Owner's Manual Eng/Sp 342856A ENGINE ASSEMBLY REF. NO. PART NO. PART NAME 10 ENG

Craftsman ES 500

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Please read these operating instructions carefully and observe the notes given. Use these instructions to familiarise yourself with the Electric Lawn Scarifier, its correct use and the notes on safety. GB For safety reasons, children under the age of 16 as well as persons not familiar with these operating instructions should not use this Electric Lawn Scarifier. v Please keep these operating instructions in a safe place. Contents 1. Where to Use Your GARDENA Electric Lawn Scarifier . . . . . . 1