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Eugene, OR 97402 : PH 541.687.1644 800.423.8445 FAX 541.687.0436 : tojrleyatojrley.com : i3L-Ji=^L_^b=^ Owner’s Instruction and Safety Manual Baby Snuggler o Stroll Jog babsO snuggler For use while strolling and jogging ONLY. DO NOT USE WHILE CYCLING OR SKIING. Baby Snuggler Installation Instructions For use while strolling and jogging ONLY. DO NOT USE WHILE CYCLING OR SKIING. Recommended age: 3 to 12 months Approximate height: 25"-30" (63-76cm) Weight: 15-21 lbs. (7-1 Okg) NOTE: T

Burley Honey Bee

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8. Instruct children not to bounce or lean, as a weight shift could cause the trailer to tip over. 9. To protect children from flying debris, always use your cover. Never leave children unattended. Check children frequently, especially during hot or cold weather. 10. Observe recommended speed limits: a maximum of 15 mph (24 km/h) on smooth, straight roads and 5 mph (8 km/h) or less when turning or on uneven roads. 11. Set your parking brake before removing your children or cargo. 12. Never pull

Burley Flatbed

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The Adapter replaces your non-drive (left) side axle nut and allows the hitch to be installed without interfering with the dropout. Burley offers the Alt Adapter in several configurations; check with your authorized Burley dealer to ensure that you choose the proper configuration for your bicycle. Warning! Burley has engineered its hitches and adapters exclusively for use with Burley trailers. Use of any Burley hitch or adapter on a non-Burley trailer may result in an accident and serious inju

Burley SOLO

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Repeat for the other wheel. Note: wheels are not centered on the axle. Make sure wheels are held securely, with wheel shaft fully inserted into the hollow axle. You should not be able to rock or shift wheels. Improp- erly installed wheels can fall off, causing an accident or serious injury. WARNING A B C Mounts horizontally to frame Quick-release lever in locked “Closed” position Quick-release lever in unlocked “Open” position Installing and Operating the Tongue d’Lite™, Encore™, Solo™, Lady Bug

Burley CUB

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Instruct children not to bounce or lean, which can cause a shift of weight. Do not make high-speed turns or descents when pulling the trailer. Always corner with caution at 5 mph or less, as the trailer cannot lean into a turn the way a bicycle can. Do not travel faster than 15 mph—all road irregularities and your slower reaction time are greatly magnified. Trailers can tip over, causing damage to trailer and serious injury to cyclist or passengers. AVOID causes of tip over, especially: WARNING•

Burley Solo ST

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DO NOT USE IT ON STAIRS, ESCALATORS OR OTHER UNEVEN SURFACES. NEVER USE IT WITH INLINE OR ROLLER SKATES. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAN CAUSE AN ACCIDENT RESULTING IN SERIOUS INJURY. Bolt Bushing figure 3: To adjust stroller wheel tracking Installing Cover 1. At top of trailer frame, fit openings on cover sides around handle bar mounts. Fasten small buckle sections together. Adjust as needed. Photo 12 2. On trailer sides, join buckle sections on rear cover corners to buckle sections be

Burley Kazoo

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Box Contents and Required Tools 2. Burley Trailercycle Guide 3. Trailercycle Assembly 4. Trailercycle Rack Installation 5. Hitching the Trailercycle to Your Bicycle 6. Before You Ride 7. Safety Guidelines 8. Maintaining Your Burley 9. Warranty Important Before using your trailercycle, please familiarize yourself with this Burley manual. For questions and additional information, please contact your authorized Burley dealer or visit 1. Box Contents: 1 trailercycle frame, 1 towbar with hitch, 1 tra


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Every effort has been made to ensure your purchase is of top quality and proven design, ready to provide you with many years and miles of happy, safe trailering. IMPORTANT: Because some of the features and guidelines for using your Burley merit close attention, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with the trailer by reading this entire manual before use. If you have any questions, please contact your Authorized Burley Dealer or check our website at Table of Contents Introduction P

Burley BEE

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IMPORTANT: Fabric Care Your trailer body is made of a tough, waterproof polyester fabric, which is highly resistant to fading. It can be easily cleaned with any mild soap or detergent and warm water. For heavy soiling, use a nylon bristle brush. Do not use bleach for cleaning, as it will damage the fabric. The fabric is an important part of your trailer’s structure, and provides a protective environment for child passengers. Replace any fabric that is ripped, scuffed, or otherwise damaged. Polye

Burley K013016

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