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Bock s 200

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If hydrogen is present, an unusual sound – such as air escaping – will come from the open faucet as the hot water begins to flow. Hydrogen gas is extremely flammable – there must be no open flame near this open faucet. Bock Water Heaters, Inc. 110 S. Dickinson St. • P.O. Box 8632 • Madison, WI 53708-8632 Phone: 608/257-2225 • Fax: 608/257-5304 • SPECIFICATIONS Leave ample room for servicing when the water heater is installed – do not block access to the burner, inspection door, handholes or cont

Bock s Electric Water Heaters

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Immersion Thermostats with Contactors (CF Model): offer accurate temperature control to 180° F. Elements: screw in style Surface Mounted Thermostat models have nickel chromium wire embedded in magnesium oxide sheathed in copper and electroplated to minimize degradation of the anode. Incoloy sheathed elements are optional. Immersion Thermostat models have low watt density incoloy sheathed elements standard, which resists burnout caused by dry fire or lime buildup. Porcelain glass lined with dual

Bock s Energy Saver 66W-399

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DEL GAL. @ 100° F RISE 199 RECOVERY GPH@ DEGREE RISE 40° F 100° F 140° F 366 147 105 80W-199SD-XA 190,000 BTUH 240 461 184 132 80W-250SD-XA 235,000 BTUH 284 570 228 163 100W-250SD-XA 235,000 BTUH 297 570 228 163 80W-399SD-XA 375,000 BTUH 420 909 364 260 80W-450SD-XA 425,000 BTUH 468 1030 412 294 80W-505SD-XA 475,000 BTUH 517 1152 461 329 To order Natural Gas use an "NA" suffix. To order LP use an "XA" suffix. *80% Thermal Efficient +Low NOx Burner Available Model 66W-399 Not Available

Bock s Indirect Coil Tank Water Heater

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These units use indirect water-to-water heat transfer by circulating boiler-fed hot water through a coil inside the water tank. Ideal for applications that use boilers for space heating Whatever your hot water needs, there's a Bock, just right for you. é é é è7 year limited warranty on residential installations. S3 year limited warranty on commercial installations. C x/uw- durable and exclusive porcelain enamel glass lines all tanks and coils. Highly resistant to aggressive water. Not susce

Bock s 80PDVI-250-XA 225

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DEL GAL. @ 100° F RISE RECOVERY GPH @ DEGREE RISE 40° F 100° F 140° F 80PDVILN-150 150,000 BTUH 201 364 145 104 80PDVILN-200 180,000 BTUH 250 436 175 125 80PDVILN-250 220,000 BTUH 298 533 213 152 100PDVILN-150 150,000 BTUH 215 364 145 104 100PDVILN-200 180,000 BTUH 245 436 175 125 100PDVILN-250 220,000 BTUH 283 533 213 152 a Propane Gas Inputs (LP) 1ST HR. DEL GAL. RECOVERY GPH @ @ 100° F DEGREE RISE RISE 40° F 100° F 140° F 80PDVI-250-XA 225,000 BTUH 274 545 218 156 100PDVI-2

Bock s 33E

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requires paid receipts to show maintenance of anodes on glass lined tank claims. This warranty will not apply to tanks or parts subject to misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, accident, excessive temperature, excessive pressure, lime, silt or sediment accumulation, corrosive atmosphere, the removal of magnesium anode rods, noise, odor, rusty water, or the installation of an insulation blanket, installation outside of the United States (excluding Canada), or on which the serial numbers have been a

Bock s 51E

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Check water softening equipment if lime is found in the tank. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HEAT HARD WATER. (See maintenance label on heater.) 8. Change the magnesium anode rods every six to 12 months or when they are reduced to 3/8” diameter (see maintenance label on heater). We recommend the installer use PermaBond LH-050. Teflon tape should not be used when installing magnesium or aluminum anode rods. 9. Open the relief valve test lever to flush out the tank. Make sure it reseats itself. 10. If the heat

Bock s 73E

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When ordering repair parts, always give the part name, heater number (size) and serial number. –7– ITEM DESCRIPTION 1. Cold water inlet dip tube (not on 541E) 2. Plastic cap 3. Anode rod 4. Top pan 5. Hot out connection 6. Tank 7. Outer jacket 8. Relief valve 9. Aquastat 10. Drain valve 11. Burner mounting bracket 12. Burner mounting gasket ITEM DESCRIPTION 13. Bottom pan 14. Combustion chamber sleeve 15. Combustion chamber 16. Inspection plug 17. Inspection door 18. Inspection door gasket 19. B

Bock s 150

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Flue Tubes: Flue tubes constructed of steel minimum, 1/8 in. thick, 6 in. OD by 35 in. long, and provided with fins welded in a spiral pattern. Model Number of Flues 150-400 3 200-450 3 150-600 5 200-650 5 150-800 7 200-850 7 200-1150 10 250-1250 12 250-1500 14 WARNING WARNING CAUTION WATER PIPING GAS PIPING OIL PIPING MOUNTING THE BURNER CONNECT TO THE CHIMNEY Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause serious injury or property damage. Refer to this manual.

Bock s Oil 20e-BCS

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BCS sidewall venting offers these benefits: ^ Air is warmed before entering burner to improve combustion efficiency ^ Burner operation is unaffected by room exhaust fans or negative air issues ^ Corrosive aerosols near water heater are not drawn into burner 5-Year limited warranty on residential installations 3-Year limited warranty on commercial installations 80023.indd 1 5/20/2008 2:24:25 PM Drain Valve/ Return 20e-BCS T3 n EH 32E/PG-BCS, 51E/PG-BCS TZJ [ZT 40E/PG-BCS 120E/PG-B